11 days of filming in the middle of the coronavirus crisis. This is how ‘Guilty’ was made, the Netflix ‘thriller’ with Jake Gyllenhaal

The film, directed by Antoine Fuqua, was shot during the start of the confinement caused by COVID-19.

A small production, less than two weeks of filming and the cases of coronavirus growing. Culpable, the Netflix ‘thriller’ starring Jake Gyllenhaal, took advantage of the fact that actor and director Antoine Fuqua were free for a few days to become reality.

Culpable, ‘remake’ of a Danish film of the same name, is set on a single morning in an emergency call center. Joe Baylor is the main character, a man who must help a woman who is in grave danger. However, things are developing strangely and Nothing is what it seems.

“It was something that we felt had to happen”, Fuqua starts at Collider. “The height of COVID, a compelling story, was available for a short period of time, Jake was available for a short period of time. We just had to make it work. It is a credit to our industry and the people who work in it. “

Gyllenhaal, for his part, has acknowledged that he always thought that a film like Culpable “It had to be shot in a very short period of time” and that at the time of filming “I needed everything to work like clockwork”. “We both like challenges, but I think it was something that was built into the process and into the story from the beginning,” he adds.


When filming Culpable was going to start, just a few days before, someone from Fuqua’s environment tested positive for coronavirus. The production could not be delayed and the isolation time was greater than what it took to shoot the film. For this reason, the director directed the film from a caravan.

Antoine Fuqua during the filming of ‘Guilty’.

“I had to work in a caravan, outside the studio, because someone close to me caught the coronavirus”, Fuqua told in THR. “I couldn’t jeopardize the whole movie. So I was alone in a trailer, with monitors, walkie-talkies, and headphones to communicate with the crew and with Jake.”

Culpable It seemed like a movie made to be shot at a time when personal distance was key to preventing coronavirus cases from increasing further. Not only was Fuqua isolated, so was Gyllenhaal. The rest of the film’s actors such as Riley Keough and Peter Sarsgaard communicated through the telephone.

“Ironically, he [Gyllenhaal] he was in the same situation. He was locked in a room with many cameras, monitors and the rest of the actors on the phone. We were both locked up, and it wasn’t planned. It happened that way, but again, we were in it together, “concludes Fuqua.