12 mythical movie scenes that were improvised

From the mythical phrase of ‘The Godfather’ “take the cannoli” to the fight of Indiana Jones in ‘Raiders of the lost ark’ or the laughter of Julia Roberts in ‘Pretty Woman’. All these moments arose from the ingenuity and confidence of the actors.

The cinema has given us an infinity of scenes, moments and phrases of those that pass to posterity. Some of them were conceived by the scriptwriters at the time of writing the libretto, and later analyzed by the director and the actors and actresses before filming. Others, on the other hand, were improvised on the spot, by the performers themselves or the filmmakers, and were so genuine that they finally formed part of the final footage.

A few days ago we knew that one of the mythical moments of the seventh art – that in which Leonardo DiCaprio shouts “I am the king of the world” in Titanic– had arisen in the mind of James Cameron in the middle of filming. For this reason, we wanted to collect other memorable scenes and phrases from the film scene that were not in the original script. Some fantastic contributions that now belong to the history of cinema. Risky lies, The dark knight, Taxi Driver and The wolf of Wall Street are some of the titles that incorporated improvised situations during their filming.

Leonardo DiCaprio’s phrase “I am the king of the world” in ‘Titanic’

Do you remember Leonardo DiCaprio shouting excitedly “I am the king of the world” in Titanic? It seems that such an iconic moment from James Cameron’s Oscar-winning film would have been premeditated. Nothing could be further from the truth. The unforgettable phrase, which you have probably uttered on occasion, occurred to Cameron during the filming of the scene. As recorded in the BBC documentary, Movies That Made Me, after several unsuccessful takes, Inspiration came to the director when he was on one of the set’s cranes, and he knew right away that the perfect way to end the scene was for Jack Dawson (DiCaprio) to shout from the rooftops “I am the king of the world.” Said and done. Although DiCaprio was not very convinced that it was a good idea. It is clear that Cameron was right, and the scene will remain in the retina of millions of viewers forever.

Jack Nicholson’s phrase “Here’s Jack” in ‘The Shining’

If you’ve seen the legendary Stanley Kubrick tape, The glowSurely that here is Jack! -Here’s Johnny in the original version! – pronounced by a deranged Jack Nicholson in the skin of Jack Torrance. The scene did not take long to become one of the most memorable of the seventh art, and it is not for less because who does not have the hair stand on end just to imagine that Torrance on the other side of the door completely out of his mind. Curiously, the phrase was not in the original script of the film, and was an impromptu contribution from Nicholson himself. The actor, winner of three Oscars, so immersed himself in the role created by Stephen King, that he felt that those three words could generate even more tension in the spectators. Kubrick thought it was a fantastic idea, and he applauded the performer’s input.

Richard Gere’s joke and Julia Roberts’ laugh in ‘Pretty Woman’

We now move to the early 90s, to sneak into the filming of Pretty Woman. The chemistry between its protagonists, Julia Roberts and Richard Gere, crossed the screen and during filming the two hit it off perfectly. His ‘feeling’ was such that Gere wanted to play a joke on his partner during one of the scenes in the film. That scene where his character, billionaire Edward Lewis, hands Vivian (Roberts) a box with a diamond necklace. To give a more original touch to that moment, Gere decided to close the box when Roberts was about to reach in to remove the jewel. This caused the actress to laugh so amused that director Garry Marshall decided not to remove her from the footage.

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The phrase “We’re going to need a bigger ship” from ‘Jaws’

The best phrases come from inside jokes. That’s what happened to Shark and his mythical “You will need another bigger ship”. This is what Martin Brody (Roy Scheider) says after being surprised by the huge shark that stalks them from the sea. That line of dialogue arose in the most everyday way, as a result of an inside joke that the team used during filming. The producers bought a huge barge to store the lights and production equipment, and to tow it, they used a boat that was obviously too small to do the job.

Scheider himself got carried away while he performed and used the phrase that he had used so much with his companions. This is how it remained in the montage of the film and became part of the history of cinema. That comment is now used by people around the world in situations where more resources are needed than are available.

Indiana Jones and his fight in ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’

Harrison Ford can do whatever he wants with Indiana Jones, which is what he’s his for – well, and a little bit of Steven Spielberg and George Lucas. You can improvise as many times as you like, especially if it turns out as well as this famous scene from Raiders of the lost ark.

As the script indicated, Indiana Jones had to fight in a very intense way with a swordsman where he had to demonstrate his great physical abilities and his handling of the whip. But they had to change plans at the last minute because the actor became ill with dysentery and was unable to be out of his trailer for more than 10 minutes. What was the solution? Use a pistol to kill your enemy in less than two minutes. And end of the problem.

The great “Put down the gun, take the cannoli” from ‘The Godfather’

Clear priorities. We all know, thanks to The GodfatherIf there is a tray of cannoli on the scene, that is the first thing to save. In the famous Francis Ford Coppola film, the character Peter Clemenza has a fixation on this delicious Italian dessert. At first, he asks his wife not to forget the cannoli. Later, when they finish a coup, Clemenza says the phrase that has gone down in history: “Put down the gun, take the cannoli.” The second part of the phrase was improvised by actor Richard Catellano, as revealed by Coppola a year after the film’s premiere.

The “Are you talking to me? from ‘Taxi Driver’

The scene of Taxi Driver from “Are you talking to me? Are you telling me?” It has been parodied on many occasions by all kinds of actors, comedians and people in full state of grace. We must all thank Robert De Niro, who was the one who came up with the famous phrase. As screenwriter Paul Schrader declared at a special screening of the film, he had only given a vague description of the situation. The rest of the credit goes to the genius of the actor.

“The script said he looks in the mirror and plays cowboy, draws his gun, talks to himself. So Bob [DeNiro] He called me and asked me what I was saying. I said, ‘Act like you’re a kid and you have this little gun.’ He started from there“, revealed Schrader. The funny thing is that the actor prepared the scene -a very important moment of the film, since it is where we discover the true side of the protagonist- with very different sources of inspiration. Bruce Springsteen and his way of speaking to his audience was one of them.

Leonardo DiCaprio’s moment when he opens his car door, totally drugged, in ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’

Do you remember the funny scene from The wolf of Wall Street in which Leonardo Dicaprio are you totally high? The actor decided to improvise the moment in which his character, Jordan Belford, has to open the car door and used his foot to do so. But this was not his only improvisation, it also happened with the famous dance that he does in the film and the punch he gives to Jonah Hill. Scorsese was delighted with the realism of the coup.

Jamie Lee Curtis’s ‘striptease’ in ‘Risky Lies’

The famous striptease scene in Risky lies It has gone on to become one of the mythical moments of cinema, but it contains some elements that did not belong to the script. If you remember the scene, while Helen Tasker (Jamie Lee Curtis) is taking off her clothes, she falls to the ground. The comical situation did not arise in the writers’ room, but was the idea of ​​the actress. What’s more, his co-star and scene, Arnold Schwarzenegger (Harry Tasker) wasn’t expecting it, so he reacts completely naturally when Curtis falls. Another curious fact is that the underwear that Curtis wears was not from the wardrobe department, but owned by the actress.

Han Solo’s response to Leia in ‘Star Wars V: The Empire Strikes Back’

As soon as the audience heard Han Solo’s phrase “I know” in response to Princess Leia’s declaration of love, his words were immortalized. Nevertheless, in the original script of The Empire Strikes Back, the answer was going to be “I love you too”. Harrison Ford thought that was something Han Solo wouldn’t say, so he decided to change it. Good thing director Irvon Kirshner and George Lucas agreed.

Leonardo DiCaprio’s bloody hand in ‘Django Unchained’

During the filming of Django Unchained, Leonardo DiCaprio had a scene where his character went totally crazy. For the performance, the actor decided to slap his hand on the table and accidentally crushed a crystal goblet causing a large cut. Rather than seek medical attention, DiCaprio continued to act with a totally bloody hand. Quentin Tarantino loved his actor’s improvisation and decided to continue the scene by adding more fake blood.