13 Superheroes And Villains Who Haven’t Appeared On The Marvel Snap Yet We’d Like To See

Adding a simple card in Marvel Snap is a big little revolution in itself. Not for the fact of the choice of the character in question, but for the fact that if it is launched at the wrong time, it can awaken the creativity of the most rascally players or foster the frustration of those who have not yet understood their role. utility and pays with the consequences. Which does not prevent, after several seasons, many of us from wondering where the hell is the Ghost Spider card.

In LifeExtra we are passionate Marvel Snap. Precisely for this reason we have decided to do something different and original: share those characters that have not yet appeared in the game and what we know about them and rescue some of those that we have already seen in other Marvel video games, including the crossovers of fight with Capcom or one of the many versions of LEGO. And they are not few.

The result: 13 superheroes, villains and beings from the Marvel universe that sooner or later they will end up finding their way to the game. Because we may have a more or less defined strategy, but there is always a hole in any deck for the rascal of Loki. And we’re not going to kid you, we’re looking forward to finding out what the Asgardian god of deceit and mischief brings to the game.

Without further ado, this is our selection of superheroes and villains that must appear yes or yes in Marvel Snap. Not so much for its weight in the printed, animated or beyond multiverse, but also for its interesting ability to offer mechanics capable of turning entire games around.

What Marvel Snap doesn't explain to you and you're dying to know: who goes first, how to break the tie, get old cards and more

Agent Venom (Flash Thompson)

screenshot 2209

From high school bully to soldier and, from there, to carrier of the very symbiote with the approval of the government to contain the greatest threats. In Marvel Snap most symbiotes have little power of their own and benefit (a lot) from absorbing other characters. It will be interesting to see one like agent venomable to maintain type without relying on other cards.

Baron Zemo (Helmut Zemo)

screenshot 2210

We saw it in Captain America: Civil War and it was one of the few redeemable of Falcon and the Winter Soldier. He Baron Zemo He is an aristocrat and a privileged criminal mastermind who does not need exceptional abilities to put the Avengers and the rest of the planet’s Mightiest Heroes in check, although in exceptional ways his aging is unnaturally slow. If Nick Fury has his letter, Zemo deserves it too.

fin fangfoom

screenshot 2211

You faced him in Marvel’s Guardians of The Galaxy, and the truth is that despite being an alien, his dragon forms lend themselves to offering truly spectacular cards and variants. fin fangfoom He not only has enormous strength, but he spits acid and fire and even possesses super intelligence. Being a beast isn’t a problem either, mind you: there are other big critters in the game already.

Ghost Spider (Gwen Stacy)

screenshot 2203

The young woman who stole the hearts of a whole generation of readers of spider-man is living a second youth thanks to the madness that is perpetrated in the Marvel editors room and the doors that the Multiverses open: in a Parallel Earth, the one that received the amazing arachnid powers was Gwen Stacy and, since then, he has dedicated himself to imparting justice as ghost-spider. We want her in the game now!

howard the duck

screenshot 2212

Don’t take him seriously hogward duck is the first big mistake. Letting Lucasfilm make one of Marvel’s first big-budget movies based on the character sure was. However, we do not count on his card in Snap having great abilities or really special effects. The little he can contribute in a battle are a pair of Quak-Fu keys.

Jean Gray / Phoenix

screenshot 2204

There are a lot of Mutant cards in Marvel Snapbut Second Dinner is keeping one of the most powerful up its sleeve: the telepath Jean Gray We’ve seen her effortlessly subdue waves of mutants and non-mutants in the movies, and she has some mental blocks to keep the situation from getting out of hand. Naturally, we’re looking forward to seeing what he’s capable of in-game.


screenshot 2207

The villain who brought together the avengers on paper and film. The god of deceit from Asgard and one of the few Marvel Studios characters who can boast of having a different and interesting series. Loki Is The Character Marvel Snap Needs and we are not even able to imagine what effects it could cause in the game. We trust Second Dinner.


screenshot 2213

In Marvel there is a current not sufficiently explored that flirts a lot and well with mystical themes and Lovecraftian influences. Facing the general public, we have the adventures of Dr. Strange or the Midnight Suns, but nothing and nobody reflects that other face of the house of ideas as the man thing. And while he may look like Groot’s ugly cousin, his capabilities are spectacular.


screenshot 2214

If we have the Death card in Marvel Snap and Ghost Rider is running wild, Mephisto shouldn’t go far. He is an extradimensional demon with the ability to grant any wish. Of course, the price to pay is usually even higher. The only thing we are clear about is that, if we enter the game, will decide the outcome of the game.

ms marvel

screenshot 2205

In many aspects, ms marvel reflects the new youth stream of the Marvel universe. Passionate about superheroes, especially Carol Danvers, the origin of her powers is different in each medium in which she is represented. But, like the young Spider-Man for years, it’s her genuine passion for what she does that makes the difference.

Red Hulk

screenshot 2215

Did you think the Hulk was bad soon? That’s because you don’t know his father-in-law. General Thaddeus ‘Thunderbolt’ Ross takes on a similar, albeit reddish-skinned transformation, making him one of the most unique anti-heroes in all of Marvel. And we will not deny it there are never enough Hulks in a single video game.

Spider Man 2099

screenshot 2216

In the year 2099 the mantle of Spider-Man passes to Michael O’Hara, of Scottish and Mexican descent, but with ideals and powers very similar to those of Peter Parker. If there are already two Spider-Mans in Marvel-Snap with Miles Morales, why not add one more?


screenshot 2208

When Wolverine (Wolverine) was left out of the game, its successor was more than up to the task: laura kinney he lacks the experience of the grumpiest X-Men, but even with his youth his skills aren’t far behind. If we add to this that on some other occasion has possessed the Enigma Force, there will be reason to worry if it appears in the game.

War Machine

screenshot 2206

Always in the shadow of Iron Man, which is not something exceptional, the War Machine from comics he has always been one of those characters who knows how to shine at the slightest chance he gives them.

Extra Ball: Beyonder

screenshot 2217

The Thanos thing was very good. Both in the comics, in the Infinity Gauntlet saga, and beyond. The thing about the existence of a multiverse and having us dizzy with what can happen or not… Maybe not so much. But if there is a being capable of turning everything upside down like no other, that’s Beyonder.

In fact, his letter in Marvel Snap It could very well be the most powerful card of all. Let’s see if it appears in any medium before the announced and really distant Avengers: Secret Wars.