15 actor couples who kept working together after their breakup

Although the love ended behind the cameras, in front of them they had no choice but to put their feelings aside proving to be great professionals.

It can be romantic that a fictional partner is also romantic in real life, but as true as that is the fact that, if the protagonists of the relationship end up ending their courtship, it can cause some inconvenience behind the cameras. Seeing your ex day after day as one of your co-workers should not be an easy task and, even less, if you have to put yourself in the shoes of a couple in love.

Real couples that have emerged from a Netflix series

This is what happened to the 15 couples of actors that we present below, who, to a greater or lesser extent, were forced to continue sharing scenes after their breakup. In some cases, this caused some of them to leave the series, while in others, the situation lasted so long that it was perceived as something normal. And beware, many simply maintained a very healthy relationship and remained friends.

This is what happened to these fifteen ex couples, who were forced to work together after their breakup. But everything is overcome!

Johhny Galecki y Kaley Cuoco

Johhny Galecki and Kaley Cuoco met while filming The Big Bang Theory and like their characters they both started dating as a couple. Their relationship was so discreet that when it came to light they had already separated. Despite this, both have shown that they maintain a beautiful friendship, and after their breakup it was not difficult for them to continue their courtship, and later marriage, like Leonard and Penny.

Nina Dobrev e Ian Somerhalder

The protagonists of Vampire Chronicles, Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder, began dating in 2010. Their relationship would last only three years, while that of their characters was more alive than ever on the small screen. She would end up leaving before the series came to an end, but rumors that her departure was related to the breakup would be completely disproved later on.

Blake Lively y Penn Badgley

While in real life, Blake Lively and Penn Badgley dated between 2008 and 2010, in Gossip Girl their relationship lasted much longer … In that time, she had time to go out with Leonardo DiCaprio and marry Ryan Reynolds.

Michael C. Hall y Jennifer Carpenter

Although they played the Morgan brothers in DexterShortly after meeting on the set of the fiction, Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter began dating. In late 2008 the couple married, ending their relationship only two years later. His divorce did not interfere with the filming of the last four seasons of fiction.

Katie Holmes y Joshua Jackson

Katie Holmes and Joshua Jackson starred together Dawson Grows and the relationship, as so often happens, crossed the screen. The then young couple was dating during the first season of the series. Then the love ended, but the famous youth series did not.

Alexis Bledel and Milo Ventimiglia

Alexis Bledel and Milo Ventimiglia met on the set of Gilmore Girls. As happened on the small screen with their characters, Jess and Rory, a year after their first meeting the actors began to feel something for each other. The couple began dating at the end of 2002, and despite having wedding plans, in 2006 they decided to end their relationship. Ten years later, the actors again played Jess and Rory, in the miniseries The Four Seasons of Gilmore Girls, showing that they maintain a beautiful friendship.

Evangeline Lilly y Dominic Monaghan

Most Lost fans dreamed of seeing together Evangeline Lilly -or what is the same as Kate-, and Matthew Fox -Jack in the fiction of JJ Abrams. However, off-camera, who the actress dreamed of was another of her co-stars, Dominic Monaghan. The couple began their relationship in 2004, and decided to end it three years later, in 2007. Despite this, both had to continue to share the screen until the end of the series in 2010, although Monaghan’s appearances were very brief from the fourth season.

Sophia Bush y Austin Nichols

Although the relationship between Sophia Bush and Austin Nichols became official in 2010, the actress confirmed on several occasions that they had already been seeing each other several years ago, intermittently, before the incorporation of Nichols to the cast of the series. One Tree Hill. While in the fiction the couple said yes I do, their relationship outside the cameras began to break down. In 2012, during the filming of the last season of fiction, Bush announced his break with Nichols, stating that he was not “the man of her life.”

Hayden Panettiere y Milo Ventimiglia

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They were not a couple in HeroesBut Hayden Panettiere and Milo Ventimiglia played members of the same family, so they were forced to work together after their breakup after just over a year of relationship. Apparently, the reason for the break was the age difference that existed then, although it does not matter. They wanted to take everything in the most absolute privacy and their mishaps were not noticed on the screen, so everything is ok.

Rachel Bilson y Adam Brody

Rachel Bilson and Adam Brody met and fell in love on The OC, but their love ended before the teen series came to an end. Of course, at least the couple in fiction, Summer and Seth, had a happy ending … In time, Bilson would comment on more details. Yes, they fell in love because they shared a lot of time together in a successful series and they understood each other, but during their more than three years of relationship they could not avoid taking their disputes to the set and they even got their attention.

Chad Michael Murray y Sophia Bush

The protagonists of One Tree Hill Chad Michael Murray y Sophia Bush They met on the set of the series in 2003 and married in 2005. Their marriage lasted just five months and the couple had to continue working side by side until the end of the series, which would not come until 2012.

Jennifer Garner y Michael Vartan

The lead actress of the JJ Abrams series, Jennifer Garner, dated her co-star in Alias Michael Vartan. The actor became his first partner after the divorce of the interpreter, although they did not last a year. Of course, the series continued a couple of more seasons, so the former couple was forced to see each other for a while.

Jessica Szohr y Ed Westwick

Another couple emerged on the set of Gossip Girl that did not come to fruition was that of Jessica Szohr and Ed Westwick. They met while filming the famous series and, between 2008 and 2010, the actors broke up, came back and broke up again. It had to be uncomfortable, since during that time the fiction starring Leighton Meester was still on the air and it still had a few seasons ahead. According to rumors, one of the breakups was by telephone and very unpleasant, which does not seem to indicate that they ended on good terms when they left it permanently.

Jennifer Morrison y Jesse Spencer

Two of the actors who accompanied Hugh Laurie in front of House, the hit series about an irreverent but brilliant doctor, not only did they meet and fall in love on the set of fiction, but they ended up engaged. Jennifer Morrison and Jesse Spencer began dating in secret, but soon after they made it official and fixed their engagement. However, the wedding would not take place, since she realized that she was not ready and did not want to start a family. The worst part is that, right at that precise moment, their characters, Cameron and Chase, were deeply in love and started a relationship at that moment. They would come to pass through the altar.

Mindy Kaling y B.J Novak

The Office stars Mindy Kaling and BJ Novak are excellent friends in real life. Novak, in fact, is the godfather of Kaling’s daughter and the two have referred to each other as “best friends” on countless occasions. However, before friends they were co-stars and also a couple, since they were dating for a while. However, although after theirs did not work they continued working together in the ‘sictom’, the truth is that it was no problem.