15 movies to watch as a family this Christmas on Netflix, HBO Max and Amazon Prime Video

Prepare the popcorn and enjoy with the little ones of the house an afternoon of cinema at home.

'Playmobil: The Movie'

2. ‘Playmobil: The Movie’

The famous ‘clicks’ are the protagonists of Playmobil: The movie. A great ribbon with which the little ones in the house can imagine what it would be like to transform into one of their favorite dolls. Anya Taylor-Joy takes the role of Marla, a teenager who does not hesitate to embark on an epic adventure to find the whereabouts of her brother, Charlie (Gabriel Bateman). The downside is that you will have to do it in the reality to which they have been transported, where by magic they have become Playmobil figures, just over three inches tall. In this world, they will have to face Vikings, secret agents, giant monsters, fairies and even dinosaurs.

Recommended age: For all audiences.

You can see it in: Amazon Prime Video.

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The Christmas holidays are the perfect time to plan as a family. In addition to lunches and dinners with family and friends, these days are ideal for going for a walk and seeing the lights, visiting exhibitions, going to the theater and cinema, and, of course, enjoying a good movie from the couch. If a few days ago we made you a compilation with the best titles to see on the big screen, with the little ones of the house, this time we bring you a selection of feature films to watch on Netflix, HBO Max and Amazon Prime Video. Because there are times when home is where it is best!

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Travel to the imaginary worlds of The LEGO Movie Y Playmobil: The Movie; accompanies Tadeo Jones in his most hectic adventure; discover the exciting world of Vikings and dragons, with How to Train Your Dragon, and laugh out loud with Gru, my favorite villain. Prepare the popcorn, take a good seat and gather the family for an unforgettable afternoon.

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