156 takes for 3 seconds: The ‘Spider-Man’ scene that took 16 hours to shoot because there are no special effects

Tobey Maguire had to get everything to go perfectly at a moment in the film in which Spider-Man’s reflections are the protagonists.

Today, if we think of a superhero movie behind the scenes, before its final result hits theaters, green screens and special effects are one of the first things that come to mind. Technology has made it possible to simplify scenes and sequences that would be a real headache during filming. Like, for example, the one that led the team of spider-man (2002) 16 hours of work to get.

The moment in question occurs after the Peter Parker from Tobey Maguire he acquires his powers. In the film directed by Sam Raimi there is a moment in which the main character rescues from a safe fall M.J., played by Kristen Dunst. The sequence occurs in the high school dining room. MJ is walking around with a tray full of food when she slips on a puddle on the floor. Peter Parker makes use of her excellent reflexes to catch her from falling and also her tray, which she uses to catch the food that she has flown.

Surprisingly, that moment, which lasts about 3 seconds, was actually shot. Although it is hard to believe, there are no special effects. How much did it cost to get the perfect result? 156 shots.

About this scene, which is considered one of the most difficult shots, the director of VFX from the film John Dykstra. Dunst, for his part, confirmed that everything was real and added that they put glue on Maguire’s hand so that the tray would stay attached and he could catch the rest of the objects without problem. Of course, things like the jelly and sandwich were glued to their plates to make things easier.

“This gag where he catches everything, he really did it… 156 takes!”says Dykstra.

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Curiously, Sony wanted to remove the scenebut they changed their minds when Raimi insisted on keeping her for all the work she had put into it.

spider-man was a real success and what could be considered one of the key germs of the current Marvel Cinematic Universe. The film, the first in a trilogy about Spider-Man, grossed more than 825 million dollars at its premiere in 2002. Maguire returned to give life to his Peter Parker in Spider-Man: No Way Home (2021), the third installment about Tom Holland’s Trepamuros. In addition to him, Andrew Garfield also got back into the shoes of his Peter Parker.

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