16 actors who became famous after 40

Success does not come overnight, but with effort, perseverance and a lot of passion for acting, these Hollywood stars achieved their well-deserved fame (and some of them even the Oscar).

Bryan Cranston

1. Bryan Cranston

When Bryan Cranston started playing Malcolm’s father, Hal, on the sitcom Malcolm in the MiddleHe was already well into his 40s. It was not his first job, but it was for the one that made him known to the general public. But really his most famous role worldwide is the one interpreted in the famous serie Breaking Bad, in which he played the now iconic professor and family man turned drug lord Walter White. When Cranston got that role ya I was 52 And although he had appeared in other famous series and movies, it was AMC’s fiction that made him famous all over the world and for which he will be eternally remembered.

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Although it is often talked about the young promises, interpreters in adolescence who captivated the public and began to build their careers from a very young age, or even as children, there are many great stars whose history is just the opposite: They became popular and achieved success in full maturity, already over 40 years old.. And there are a handful of them in Hollywood.

And the reality is that their stories are, at times, even more exciting and empowering, since they achieved success after a lot of dedication and determination to do what they liked the most, while combining their passion with other jobs, or simply they realized they got bitten by the interpretation bug later. Behind each actor, after all, there is a specific story.

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Some of the actors and actress that make up the list that we present below may surprise you, since some of them have even won the Oscar, such as Kathy Bates, Viola Davis O Morgan Freeman, while others have them so internalized for a long time that it is difficult for us to imagine that they really did not begin to succeed so long ago, such as Bryan Cranston O Christoph Waltz.

Take note below of 16 actors and actresses who achieved success after 40: