‘1899’: Did you realize that there is another person with Maura in the unexpected final scene?

The outcome of the first season reveals key information for the series, but opens a new range of mysteries. In addition, the creators have hidden in it some small clues.

if you have seen 1899 It will not surprise you to know that the creative duo formed by Jantje Friese and Baran Bo Odar have left some hidden clues in the final scene of the first season of their new series for Netflix after the unforgettable success of Dark. After eight episodes full of mysteries and some very dosed answers, the final stretch of the eighth chapter, ‘The key’ (1×08), managed to disconcert viewers with a shocking and unexpected final revelation that most had not seen coming and that completely changes the game of the series from now on in the future.

In the scene, after Daniel decides to hack into the simulation’s mainframe and reprograms it to help Maura (Emily Beecham) out of the loop, the protagonist wakes up in a spaceship in the year 2099, two hundred years after the year in which they thought they lived when everything happened aboard the Kerberos. When she wakes up, Maura is in some kind of pod and is wearing a device on her head that appears to be the key to entering the simulation. Approaching the computer in the strange room, she receives a message from her brother: “Welcome to reality.”

The first episode of ‘1899’ already revealed the final twist, but it was practically impossible for us to notice

But Maura is not alone. Next to her are other people, although they are not awake, and among them are most of those who played important roles aboard the ship: Virginia Wilson, Eyk, Krester, Tove, Iben, Anker, Olek, Ling Yi, Ling Yi’s mother, Angel, Ramiro, Lucien, Clémence and Jérome. Although three are missing: Daniel, Elliot and Henry.

Since Elliot and Henry, Maura’s son and father, were not part of the simulation, it is normal that they do not appear in the capsules, but what happened to Daniel? As you will remember, the enigmatic passenger played by Aneurin Barnard, was traveling on the ship and his objective at all times was to help Maura, his wife, to advance as far as he was able to remember, something that he would finally achieve.

What you may not have realized is that Maura is not alone. The capsule next to Jérome -and which is not Maura’s- is empty, which seems to mean that another person is awake. Who is it about? Well, considering that Daniel is the great absentee in the capsules and that only he and Maura have been the only ones able to escape the previous simulation, it is very possible that it is him. Also, before turning the key in the new pyramid, when Maura asks if he will be there when he wakes up, Daniel tells her that he “will always be there”.


“Since Dark, we really think that the audience is smart and can have fun with puzzles. So we don’t want to mislead them,” Bo Odar said in an interview with indiewire. “We prefer to do a trick in front of them, showing them that of course it is a trick. You just haven’t figured out what it is yet.”

‘1899’ (Season 2): Release date, who returns and who does not, the importance of 2099 and everything we know about the future of the series

What will happen in season 2, if it finally renews on Netflix, is a mystery, but the intention is to continue the story in a direction that Friese and Bo Odar have very, very clear. In fact, it will also only be part of the way for a third installment with which the story would conclude.