21 years ago, Salman Khan was about to get married on November 18, then suddenly she was overturned

21 years ago, Salman Khan was about to get married on November 18, then suddenly she was overturned

In Bollywood, the most awaited marriage of anyone is Salman Khan. News of Salman Khan’s marriage has come up many times but to date, he has not married. Although Salman Khan had decided to get married about 21 years from today, he came back at the last moment and postponed it. Come, know this funny anecdote.

Salman makes fun of himself on the question of marriage
Millions of fans of Salman Khan have been waiting for their marriage for years. For this, Salman is very much mocked on social media. By the way, Salman himself has been making fun of not getting married on different occasions. 55-year-old Salman Khan is yet to make a decision on his marriage.

Salman to be married on Abba-Ammi’s wedding anniversary? Sajid told that later Salman Khan changed his decision and in 1999 he told Sajid that let’s get married now. Salman had also decided that he would marry his Abba Salim and Ammi Salma on their wedding anniversary i.e. November 18.

Salman overturned 5-6 days ago
Sajid told that his family fixed the marriage. The marriage cards were also distributed, but 5-6 days before the wedding, Salman overturned and refused to marry. However, Sajid could not refuse the marriage and their marriage was fixed.

Sajid told in Kapil Sharma’s show that when Salman came to his wedding, he came close and said in his ear that if he wants to run away from the wedding, then the car is ready outside. However, this was only a joke of Salman and he congratulated Sajid for the wedding.
First was to marry Sangeeta Bijlani
In 1994, Salman Khan and Sangeeta Bijlani’s marriage was also fixed. Their wedding cards were also printed. It is said that Sangeeta caught Salman cheating before marriage, after which he canceled the wedding. Salman himself also confessed in Koffee with Karan that he wanted to get married then.