3 movies to watch on Netflix today that won’t let you down

On days like today, with many hours ahead of you to enjoy a good story, don’t waste time searching the streaming platform’s catalog.

There are days when you want to enjoy a good movie and, coincidentally, you also have a lot of free time ahead of you. What is usually the biggest enemy of those days? The huge Netflix catalog, which makes you waste a lot of time browsing its different sections and going down its infinite list. What I see? A Hollywood comedy? One of the most popular titles? Do I play it and immerse myself in one of the genres?

Forget about all that. We have selected three films with which you will surely be right so that you do not have to spend half an hour -or more- to find the right title. It depends on what you want, here we leave you a comedy with surprises, a smart action tape and an Argentine film between drama and adventure. Aim.

Daggers in the back

Daniel Craig, Chris Evans, Jamie Lee Curtis, Michael Shannon, Toni Collette, Ana de Armas … All those actors (and more) are part of the cast of Daggers in the back, a Cluedo-style comedy in which you must find the murderer. The film, directed by Rian Johnson, is full of surprises and script twists that will keep you attentive to what happens on screen.

The protagonists are the members of the Thrombey family, who have come together to celebrate the 85th birthday of the patriarch, Harlan Thrombey. The problem comes when he turns up dead the next day. Detective Benoit Blanc arrives to investigate the case and discovers that everyone, absolutely everyone has a reason to kill him.

Baby Driver

Baby Driver it’s an action movie … for those who don’t like action. And for those who like it, too. Edgar Wright, the same as Zombies Party O Fatal weapon, direct this film about a very special group of robbers, with a charming protagonist and a love story of those who stay with you.

Tell the story of Baby, a boy who is passionate about music and with an innate ability to drive cars at high speed. He works for a crime boss, but he has nothing to do with that world. In fact, she is eager to pay off her debt to Doc in order to lead a more normal lifestyle. But his boss is not willing to lose his best driver and when he finds out that he has fallen in love with Debora it will be very difficult for him.

The Odyssey of the Giles

The Odyssey of the Giles is a film about group power and what human beings are capable of when they have nothing to lose. It has Ricardo Darín and Luis Brandoni as protagonists, which already tips the balance quite a bit in its favor; the script is an adaptation of a play entitled The night of the Power Plant; and its director is Sebastián Borensztein (A Chinese story). In addition, it was awarded at the Toronto Film Festival and at the Goya Awards. If we haven’t convinced you yet, here’s the synopsis.

It is set during the Argentine crisis in the late 90s and early 2000s. A group of residents of a town in the province of Buenos Aires has lost all the savings they had in the bank after a scam. They were going to use that money to create a cooperative, but with no plans for the future, they decide to join together to recover what was stolen from them.

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