3 new Netflix series to watch this weekend

What to see among the dozens of titles that the streaming platform has? If you don’t know where to start, here are some recommendations.

Friday. Two and a half days ahead and very cold in the street. The blanket is crying out for us to stay with it for a while and lie down on the sofa to enjoy a good session of Netflix. Well said and done. If this is your chosen plan for this weekend, but you are not sure what you can see, here we leave you with several recommendations of new series and arrivals on the streaming platform in recent months.

Being its first season, you don’t need to catch up. They are ideal if you do not want to mortgage yourself with a fiction and, instead, prefer to see them and finish them before returning to the routine on Monday. They are also a selection of the best that have hit Netflix lately, so you can catch up on their releases. Don’t waste time searching the catalog and try one of these series.

‘File 81’

file 81 is a horror series recently arrived on Netflix -it premiered on January 14- and, without anyone paying much attention to it, it has become one of the successes of this month. The truth is that it is not a strange case in the service either. Scary stories tend to go down very well with the public, especially if they are well told as is the case here.

Based on an American podcast, it tells the story of Dan Turner, a young man who is given a mission to restore an old collection of video tapes. What he discovers is something very strange and leads him to investigate the documentary filmmaker Melody Pendras and a dangerous cult.

‘Sea of ​​Tranquility’

After the success of the squid game, South Korean fiction seems to be at its best. The next releases from the Asian country attract a lot of attention and, among them, is Sea of ​​Tranquility, which began to generate interest even before its premiere. Once it was available it was confirmed that Koreans are unique in creating good stories.

The fiction is set in a future in which the Earth has succumbed to desertification. A group of scientists embarks on a mission to collect some mysterious samples.. Arriving at the indicated place, they find an abandoned and top secret base. That is where an accident took place that ended the lives of all those who were nearby, but it can also harbor hope to save humanity.

‘Head to Hell’

From Korean bombshell to Korean bombshell we go. When we say that Koreans have a good hand for storytelling, we mean series like heading to hell. Even with the evidence the squid game hot, Netflix premiered this fiction that, although it bears no similarity to it, increases the legacy of South Korea on the platform.

What’s the story about? The world is surprised by the attack of supernatural beings who send a message to their victims with the day and time of their death. When the time comes, they appear out of nowhere and, after a beating, take those affected to hell. This gives rise to a desperate search for answers by citizens. Thus arises a new religion that ensures that the dead are sinners and establishes a dictatorship of fear.

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