3 short series on Prime Video that you can watch in less than four hours

From one of the best Spanish television series of 2021 to a British comedy acclaimed around the world, going through -why not?- the worst blow of Woody Allen’s professional career.

With good weather you feel less like staying at home, so a few recommendations of short series to which you will hardly have to dedicate a few hours to see them in full. On the different streaming platforms you will find endless miniseries, although in the selection that we present below we have focused on just one of them, Prime Videoand we have set a requirement, all of them you can see them in full in less than four hours.

From one of the best Spanish television series of 2021 to a British comedy acclaimed around the world… Going through -why not?- through the worst blow of Woody Allen’s professional career.

Take note below of three series that you can watch in about three hours and that are available on Amazon’s streaming platform.

stories not to sleep

How much time do you need to see it? 3 and a half hours.

Renewed version of the classic homonymous series and homage to the great Chicho Ibáñez Serrador, the ‘remake’ of stories not to sleep premiered its first four stories disturbing in 2021 on Amazon’s streaming platform, but a second season has already been confirmed with four more stories and new directors and actors linked to these new stories. In the ‘remake’, four prominent Spanish filmmakers -Rodrigo Sorogoyen, Paco Plaza, Rodrigo Cortés and Paula Ortiz- they were invited to choose one of the dozens of stories by Ibáñez Serrador and re-shoot it with today’s resources.

The chosen ones were (1) ‘The joke‘, directed by Rodrigo Cortés and starring Nathalie Poza, Eduard Fernández and Raúl Arévalo; (two) ‘Freddy’, directed by Paco Plaza and starring Miki Esparbé, Adriana Torrebejano and Carlos Santos; (3) ‘The double’, directed by Rodrigo Sorogoyen and starring Vicky Luengo and David Verdaguer; (4) ‘The Asphalt’directed by Paula Ortiz and starred by Daniel Rovira and Inma Cuesta. And all of them are available in full on Prime Video. Disturbing, funny and perhaps not terrifying but more daring and bloody than the originals, the new version of these stories is the best tribute to a television format that made history and also a golden opportunity to bring it closer to new generations.

A recommendation: If you like them, be sure to watch the originals, which are available and open on the RTVE Play platform, as well as the first season on Prime Video.

A very English scandal

How much time do you need to see it? Three hours.

Created by Russell T. Davies -to whom we owe great series like Queer As Folk, Years and years or, more recently, It’s a Sin among many, A very English scandal is a miniseries three episodes originally broadcast in 2018 via the BBC. The series is a adaptation of the homonymous novel signed by John Preston in 2016 and, starring Hugh Grant and Ben Wishaw in the lead roles, recounts how the exemplary image of a politician, Jeremy Thorpe, changes overnight after being involved in a scandal.

Thorpe is accused of having had sexual relations with a man at a time in history when homosexuality is illegal, so the politician is put on trial and acquitted. However, shortly after, his lover is found murdered and all fingers seem to point at him. A funny yet dramatic story based on its real-life event that has a near-perfect score on Rotten Tomatoes.

Do not confuse with A very British scandala continuation released in 2021 and with a new story at its core: The controversial divorce between the Duke and Duchess of Argyll: Ian Campbell and Margaret Campbell in 1963.

Crisis in Six Scenes

How much time do you need to see it? 2 hours and half.

You may have forgotten it, but in 2016 it premiered on Amazon Prime Video the first television series of the famous filmmaker Woody Allen and, until now, the only one in his professional career. The fiction was also carried out by another incredibly popular name throughout the world: that of the singer and actress Miley Cyrus, who played one of the main characters along with Allen himself.

In a comedy key and set in the 60s, Crisis in Six Scenes introduces us to Allen in the shoes of Sidney J Munsinger, a neurotic writer who leads a quiet life with his wife in New York, but whose life changes completely with the entrance on the scene of a young runaway named Lennie Dale, who, as you can imagine, was played by Cyrus.

Although the series was the subject of some expectation as it was Allen’s first foray into the small screen, the truth is that it went quite unnoticed by the public and It was met with quite a few bad reviews. In fact, it has an overall rating of 18% on Rotten Tomatoes, so this may be what strikes you the most when deciding to give it a try. It lasts less than four hours and is Woody Allen’s worst hit.

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