‘365 days 2’: Meet Simone Susinna, the supermodel and television contestant who is sweeping Netflix’s erotic film

The second part of the Blanca Lipińska saga, also known as ‘365 DNI’, has just arrived on the streaming platform.

Netflix has just released the second part of its well-known erotic saga. 365 days: That day is now available on the streaming platform, with many more sex scenes and problems for Laura (Anna-Maria Sieklucka) and Massimo (Michele Morrone). The premiere has not gone unnoticed. All those who got hooked on this strange way of understanding a relationship that we saw in 365 days they want to know what else can happen in your life. More kidnappings and threats? You can bet on it.

To liven things up a bit between the leading couple, a new member has entered into discord. Simone Susinna has arrived to play Nacho, the leader of Massimo’s rival gang. Who is this actor in real life who has revolutionized viewers? We review the most curious details of his life.

Simone Susinna was born in Catania, Italy, in 1993., although he currently lives in Milan. Unlike other colleagues, Susinna wanted to pursue acting from the beginning and she did not waste time with other careers, but she went directly to study drama. She before making the international leap with 365 days 2and from a very early age, the actor extensively developed his facet as a model.

His work in the world of fashion is not anecdotal. Susinna was discovered by Alex Pacifico, who, according to what he found out, invited him to join D’Management Group, a fashion agency that has also worked with Claudia Schiffer, Heidi Klum, Monica Belucci and Eva Herzigova, an impressive list that give a good example of the company level. He has walked for Dolce & Gabbana, Ermanno Scervino, Richmond and other well-known firms. He has also conquered Paris and New York, where he has worked with prestigious artists. Come on, Susinna is what is known as a supermodel.

A star of ‘The island of the famous’

In addition to her work as a model, Susinna is a well-known face on Italian television, having appeared on L’isola Dei Famosia Mediaset contest that we also had in Spanish programming under the name of the island of celebrities (Antenna 3). Today it is still broadcast as survivors.

This demanding contest in which a group of ‘celebrities’ must live on a desert island is not for everyone, since it requires great physical effort. Even so, the model and actor managed to finish second in the 2017 edition, very close to winning. In total, the adventure lasted 72 days and tested Susinna many times. At the same time, her participation gave a lot to talk about because of her relationships with other contestants.

Simone Susinna’s girlfriends

Simone Susinna’s couples have been the subject of debate on Italian television, so her sentimental life is well known. In 2015 he began dating Mariana Rodríguez, a model from Venezuela who, curiously, participates in survivors 2022. Both decided to go their separate ways two years after starting. Shortly after, he had an affair with another model, this time the Spanish Ana Moya, but his relationship also lasted a couple of years.

After Moya, he has been linked to several misses, such as the Italian Carolina Stramare or the Spanish Desirée Cordero.

Susinna’s hobbies

A quick look at his Instagram account is enough to see that he has a thousand and one hobbies. There is nothing that poses a challenge for the actor and on any given day he can go kayaking while enjoying the good weather, hang out with dogs -which he says he loves-, take a yacht ride around Saint Tropez or, of course, doing a workout at the gym, which is obviously something you do often.

One of his passions are cars and driving. On his social networks he constantly posts images of himself on a motorcycle or with cars and in October 2021 he posted how happy it made him to be able to drive in a Formula 1 vehicle in Maranello. As for sports, he also likes soccer.

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