4 ‘Cobra Kai’ actors practice karate in real life, but only one is a black belt (and it’s the most unexpected)

In front of the cameras they seem professionals, but everything is the result of working with their coordinators. In real life, only a few had knowledge of martial arts.

If you are one of the millions of followers that Cobra Kai has managed to knead all over the world, you will know that, in it, apprentices and ‘senseis’ give themselves the skin in each of their melee duels. It does not matter if it is a training within each of the dojos in a confrontation with their greatest rival. As you can imagine, to carry out the fight scenes, the Netflix series team led by Ralph Macchio and William Zabka spends a significant amount of time behind-the-scenes training and rehearsals, as well as a lot of choreography work. And the result speaks for itself.

In fact, so spectacular are some duels and movements that Sometimes it is difficult to remember that the protagonists of the series are actors by profession and not at all experts in Martial Arts. What’s more, you may be surprised to learn that, while most characters practice it to a greater or lesser extent within the story, in real life very few members of the cast have practiced karate at some point in their past.

Although the actors and actresses of Cobra Kai they use the training of the two coordinators of the action scenes of the series, Hiro Koda and Jahnel Curfman, to carry out their scenes, some have come with more experience than others.

Below you will discover which characters have trained karate in the past and even obtained some of the characteristic belts that certify the level of those who practice it, but without a doubt what will surprise you the most is that the only one to have been awarded the black belt is the cast member you are thinking about the least.


As he has confessed William Zabka previously in statements to Yahoo! EntertainmentWhen he first signed for the original Karate Kid, he had no relationship with karate. However, after working with his coach Pat Johnson and unlike his partner Ralph Macchio, Zabka continued training, but fell far short of the black belt. The last belt he achieved was the green one, halfway to the highest.

However, his knowledge and training in martial arts have provided him with job opportunities and, as he has revealed, he continues to be very interested. Another curiosity revealed by the actor is that his previous training as a wrestler in high school came in handy in his training sessions and made him fit in well with what was required of him.


Jacob Bertrand is also one of the cast members who had previous experience. He started practicing karate when he was only eight years old and reached the purple belt, two more than Zabka. Later, he preferred to pursue other hobbies.

Fortunately, the producers of Cobra Kai They brought him back to the world of Martial Arts and he was able to train again to get into the skin of his character.


Before Cobra Kai, Buchanan learned taekwondo, “like most children between 10 and 12 years old,” as he explained to TheWrap.

“I stayed a couple of belts from the black and then I took off because I was very busy,” he explains. “Then I signed for Cobra Kai And I’ve been training Muay for months. “Curiously, his passion for martial arts came from his mother, who is a black belt.


You might not have guessed it was Owen Morgan, but the Cobra Kai Dojo’s little apprentice Bert is the only black belt in the series’ cast. This was revealed by himself to his followers on social networks a couple of years ago, feeling very proud of achieving it. Without a doubt, his formacoón was what led him to be chosen by the team of the series and we can expect a lot from him in future seasons.

“I have practiced since I was very little and that is the reason why I signed for the series,” he explains himself to Cobra Kai Nation.

Surely from now on you see him differently.

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