4 critically praised series that no one saw and are only on Amazon Prime Video

The streaming platform offers one of the most competitive catalogs in the VOD scene. Here we select some recommendations to see today.

Catching up on series premieres is an impossible task. And each time more. A dozen new titles arrive on streaming platforms every week and, along the way, it is normal for some series to lag a little behind and not receive the attention they deserve. That is why it is necessary to look back from time to time and rescue those productions that received good reviews and, for whatever reason, went unnoticed.

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The catalog of Amazon Prime Video it’s packed with great titles and it hasn’t been difficult to find multiple recommendations for all tastes. Here we curate intriguing teen dramas, comedies, sci-fi stories, and crimes so you can find something that fits you.

‘Panic’ (2021)

What did you like the most about The Squid Game were their games? Well do not miss Panic, one of the original fictions of Amazon Prime Video that tells the struggle of a teenager to escape from the small town where she lives and see the world. He wants to go to college, so decides to enter an extreme competition held annually, which awards $ 50,000 to the winnersr. The tests carry a lot of risk and, in previous years, they had fatalities. If it is already a dangerous game, everything gets complicated when you suspect that someone is rigging it.

Panic is the title that any addict of teenage dramas needs, since it has the right dose of intrigue and personal problems, all spiced up with a genius performance of the protagonist. Leading the cast is Olivia Welch, who is quite a discovery. Already attracted attention with the trilogy The street of terror and with his work in Panic seems to confirm that it is one of the new voices that we must not lose sight of.

‘Upload’ (2020)

Greg Daniels is the creator – or developer – of King of the hill, The Office and Parks and Recreation, three of the great comedies in television history. In 2020 Amazon released Upload, another of the productions that came out of his brilliant head, and, although it cannot be compared with its fictional sisters, it is undoubtedly a series that will make you smile and that, in addition, departs a bit from the most common content . Which is always appreciated.

Upload places us in a fantastic world where you can live fully after death and even have contact with your loved ones. Once you die, your mind moves to a virtual world that, depending on the money you have in the bank, is more or less full of comforts. The protagonist loses his life under strange circumstances and, thanks to the fortune of his girlfriend, ends up in a luxury ‘resort’. In the real world, the worker of the company that created this ‘Beyond’ worries about her case and, together, they will try to decipher what happened at the time of her death.

‘Cruel summer’ (2021)

Cruel Summer tells how a town is shaken by the disappearance of a popular young teenager, Kate Wallis. The case cannot be solved, but he seems to have a strange relationship with Jeanette Turner, another girl from the same town, much less popular. Overnight, Jeanette becomes the most in-demand in high school and, in a way, makes Kate’s life her own before disappearing without a trace.

The story is told over three summers – 1993, 1994 and 1995 – which were key to clarifying the strange case of Kate. You will like it if you have been hooked on other crime dramas of the style, such as The Sinner. Like the Jessica Biel series, the mystery here unravels at a pace that is difficult to escape. The series premiered in April 2021 and should have received a lot more attention than it did upon launch.

‘Tales from the loop’ (2020)

For lovers of science fiction, of that calm and with a lot of imagination -no space battles or fights between planets-, it is Tales from the Loop, a series that develops around theThe small town dwellers’ experiences with a strange machine called The Loop. This contraption has been built to investigate the secrets of the universe and, whoever has a relationship with it, will be able to know the world around us from another perspective.

The fiction is made up of eight independent but interconnected episodes. Each of them focuses on a different person and their particular experience with the machine, either through time travel, artificial intelligence or parallel worlds. It premiered at the beginning of 2020 and it did not receive, far from it, the attention it deserves.

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