4 great movies that you can see for a limited time at zero cost

The number of streaming platforms within our reach continues to increase, but the pockets of many cannot afford to subscribe to all of them, and in some cases even affording one could be a luxury at the end of the month. However, there are alternatives at zero cost and today I propose 4 great films that you can watch for free on RTVE Play for a limited time.

I already anticipate that I don’t want to put all the chosen ones at the same level, but I am clear that all of them are very worthwhile. By the way, it is not the first time that we have made a similar selection, as you will also find in Espinof a review of 3 great science fiction and fantasy movies available on streaming completely free of charge.

‘The parents of her’ (‘Meet the Parents’, 2000)

Her parents

Address: Jay Roach. Distribution: Robert De Niro, Ben Stiller, Blythe Danner, Teri Polo, James Rebhorn, Jon Abrahams, Owen Wilson

A hilarious comedy that explores the fear of meeting your in-laws. It is clear that the great success of the film is the chemistry between a fearsome De Niro and a Stiller who never tires of facing different setbacks. Full of funny moments, it is true that they later stretched the formula a bit more with its two sequels -although the second installment is also worth it-, but if you want to have a very entertaining time and have a laugh, don’t hesitate.

  • can you see her on RTVE Play (available until February 26)

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‘Million Dollar Baby’ (2004)

million dollar Baby

Address: Clint Eastwood. Distribution: Clint Eastwood, Hilary Swank, Morgan Freeman, Jay Baruchel. Mike Colter, Lucia Rijker, Brian F. O’Byrne, Anthony Mackie, Margo Martindale

Here I run the risk of repeating myself, because a few weeks ago I told you that this acclaimed film by Clint Eastwood It could be seen for free on streaming, but I think it’s worth the reminder, since it’s one of the filmmaker’s best works. What starts out as a more than stimulating sports drama turns into something different that wins the hearts of the public, and with good reason. Hilary Swank she won her second Oscar here in the best actress category.

Criticism of ‘Million Dollar Baby’

  • can you see her on RTVE Play (Available until February 28)

‘Psycho’ (‘Psycho’, 1960)


Address: Alfred Hitchcock. Distribution: Anthony Perkins, Vera Miles, John Gavin, Martin Balsam, John McIntire, Janet Leigh

An indisputable classic in the history of cinema in which Alfred Hitchcock offered one of the best serial killer movies of all time and a work that any lover of the seventh art should see, and better if it is several times. There is so much to celebrate in this film that a paragraph falls short, but what a marvel from the audacity to play with the expectations of the viewer to the great interpretation of Anthony Perkinswithout forgetting the masterful use of suspense to the sensational soundtrack of Bernard Hermann.

Criticism of ‘Psycho’

  • can you see her on RTVE Play (available until February 28)

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‘The Equalizer 2’ (2018)

Address: Antoine Fuqua. Distribution: Denzel Washington, Pedro Pascal, Ashton Sanders, Bill Pullman, Melissa Leo

An enviable sequel, since it manages to go beyond what was proposed in the first installment to offer remarkable entertainment that reaches brilliance during its last act, to the point that this section of the film is one of the pinnacles of action cinema. Hollywood of the 21st century. To this we must add that Denzel Washington he always complies and here he is even more comfortable in a character that he will return to shortly with ‘The Equalizer 3’.

Review of ‘The Equalizer 2’

  • can you see her on RTVE Play (Available until February 26)

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