4 sinister Korean series to watch on Netflix if you’ve been hooked on ‘The Squid Game’

Fiction has become a true serial phenomenon within the streaming platform worldwide.

The squid game has become a phenomenon within the Netflix platform. Thousands of subscribers around the world have already witnessed the macabre and sadistic games to which the protagonists of this story have had to submit. This title has sparked interest in other Korean series similar to The Squid Game, and although finding something like it is going to be very difficult, here are some Titles that you can find in the ‘online’ service if you have hooked up to new korean hit from Netflix.


The story follows Oh Ji-soo, a young man who, in order to pay for his studies at the university and be able to lead a good life, decides to commit a series of criminal activities. However, in the eyes of his classmates he is an exemplary student and no one suspects the atrocities he commits outside the classroom with other friends. But, his luck runs out when a classmate begins to notice him and discovers his macabre double life.


Kang Gi-beom is an exemplary police detective. Such is his efficiency that he is about to destroy a national criminal organization called Argos, but he ends up being betrayed by his men. In the attack he loses his sight and his family, including himself. Thanks to a company specialized in biotechnology called Rugal, which is in charge of providing it with certain lethal abilities that will make him carry out his revenge at all costs.

‘Sweet Home’

Cha Hyun-soo is a lonely young man who after the death of his family in an accident moves out of an apartment. As the hours and days go by in her little home, everything around her is changing atrociously. Mankind out there is turning into monsters. However, the protagonist has fierce internal demons that will help him survive and destroy these demonic creatures.

‘My name’ (premiere October 15)

Yoo Ji-Woo is a young woman who after witnessing the murder of her father, her desire for revenge accompanies her. To take justice into his own hands, Ji-Woo joins one of the most famous criminal organizations in South Korea, where he will hone his skills as elite assassin. Together with the leader of this drug trafficking gang, the protagonist tries to find those responsible for the death of her parents. However, Ji-Woo will have a double role as a police infiltrator in the gang.