5 beautiful series to enjoy this weekend and forget about the world

For those who want to spend these days with a story that leaves a smile on your face, we leave you these titles from different streaming platforms.

A good series or movie is enough, on many occasions, to fix a bad day. The power of cinema is wonderful and, just as there are many titles that can make you suffer during their two hours of duration -or more-, there are others that can make you smile for the most random reason. Perhaps you have seen a scene that has made you laugh, a dialogue that has left you thinking or takes place in a city so beautiful that it transports you instantly.

If you don’t know what to see this weekend and you are looking for a sensation like this, here we leave you 5 series that we would describe as ‘beautiful’ and that you can watch to forget about the world.

‘Love life’ (2020 – currently) – See on: HBO Max

Existential crises and the search for love have been the perfect material for the entertainment industry for years. There are many fictions that deal with these issues and that is not why the creators stop dealing with it, nor do the public get tired of it. In other words, although we have seen hundreds of times how a young person seeks their place in the world, there is always a new series that is worthwhile. One of the 2020 was Love Life, a cute story about a girl who can’t find love and isn’t sure she wants to either.

The first season stars Anna Kendrick, which is always a plus point, and the second season has just been released, with different characters and a different story. The first critics assure that it has improved in its new installment.

available online en HBO Max.

‘Master of None’ (2015 – 2021) – Ver en: Netflix

One of the best valued series almost since the beginning of Netflix -or, at least, since the beginning of the streaming revolution- is Master of None, a little gem created by Aziz Ansari about a young actor trying to break into show business. Racial issues, unwanted pregnancies, family, relationships, casual dates, movies, television, food… There is no subject that escapes the creator, who reviews American society with a lot of ingenuity

Eye! Although the first two seasons follow the same characters, in the third the leading role falls on Denise, the character of Lenna Waithe. Waithe surprised everyone with his script for the episode ‘Thanksgiving’ in the second installment and Ansari gave him his place for a new batch of episodes. In the opinion of many, with less charm.

available online and Netflix.

‘Dietland’ (2018) – Watch on: Amazon Prime Video

Dietland It is one of those series that you discover by chance and fix your day. They are usually productions that have gone unnoticed, with few episodes and a very nice tone that make you wonder why you did not know of their existence. AMC canceled it after a single season due to its low audience data, but it has been able to reach its audience thanks to streaming.

At the center of the story is Alicia, better known as Plum, a young woman who does not fit the imposed beauty canons. She works in the world of fashion and beauty, so she is constantly exposed to prejudices of all kinds and bad comments about her physique. Although it may not seem like it, it is a fairly successful comedy about the absurdity of stereotypes.

available online in Amazon.

‘You are the worst’ (2014 – 2019) – It can be seen on: Disney +

There are few comedies that laugh so much and with such skill at the misfortunes of their protagonists as You are the worstYou’re the worst in English-. This FX comedy that we can enjoy in Spain thanks to Disney+ introduces us to Jimmy and Gretchen, two self-destructive people who, despite everything, want to be together. They met at the wedding of some friends, Vernon and Becca, a couple that does not fit the model of happiness either -she hates him-, and since then they have not been able to separate.

The great value of the series is that achieves a balance that is very difficult to achieve between hate, love, black humor and the most absolute sensitivity. While in one episode you see a girl ‘stabbing’ her partner and laugh at it, in another you enjoy an intimate conversation about mental health treated with the utmost respect. A magic that rarely appears.

available online on Disney+.

‘The Durrells’ (2016 – 2019) – It can be seen for free at: RTVE Play

Who doesn’t want to be in a fabulous villa by the sea enjoying the summer months under the shade of a vine? At least to me, that’s the closest description of paradise I can imagine. Since you can’t always be where you want, you have to let the magic of fiction do the rest, and this is where it comes into play. Los Durrell.

The series is based on the book My family and other animals, by the famous biologist Gerald Durrell, in which he recounts his childhood on a Greek island. Widowed, her mother decided to take her four children away from the rainy and expensive UK. Thus they end up in a house without electricity or running water, but planted in an enviable location and, above all, surrounded by wonderful neighbors willing to help..

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