5 Imperfect Small Screen Moms Who Deserve A Day Of Their Own

Because no one is perfect… why should they be?

Mother’s Day is that day to thank your mother for everything she has done, does and will do for you every day of her life. If there is something implicit in all mothers, it is that desire to see their children happy, always seek the best for them and always try to give them the best advice. But sometimes, that obsession to protect us and to want to recover something of his life from before motherhood it gets out of hand. That’s when they make a mistake, invade your privacy, don’t pay as much attention to you as you would like, or even make a fool of you in front of your friends.

Behaviors that, in the eyes of their children and those around them, are beginning to be called imperfect mothers, or bad mothers. A term that far from being derogatory, shows that, after all, they are people, and as such they have every right to be as imperfect as they consider. And it seems that sometimes we forget that they had a life before entering the exciting world of motherhood. A world that the small screen has proven to know how to portray perfectly, with characters that perhaps at some point have become familiar to you.

To celebrate this day, at SensaCine, we have chosen five imperfect mothersprotagonists of successful series, that we think deserve a day of their own. From Madeline MacKenzie (Reese Witherspoon), from Big Little Lies, to Claire Dunphy (Julie Bowen), from Modern Family, and Jean Milburn (Gillian Anderson), from Sex Education. What is that imperfect mother of television that you would put on a pedestal?

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Madeline Mackenzie in ‘Big Little Lies’


Big Little Lies It was a success on HBO, to the point of getting the unexpected renewal for a second season, since it was initially considered as a miniseries. Based on the novel by Liane Moriarty, the series focuses mainly on the story of five mothers, very different from each other and with their own problems.

But the one who could perfectly be an imperfect mother is Madelineinterpreted by Reese witherspoon. It is seen that it is a mother who strives to be the best possible mother, but he can’t reach that perfection he dreams ofbecause, after all, we are all human and nobody is perfect.

Claire Dunphy in ‘Modern Family’

Rum Tom / ABC

Another of those mothers of the small screen that we love is Claire Dunphyone of the main characters of the fantastic modern-family. Performed by a great Julie BowenClaire is that mother that at the beginning of the series you see as the faithful representation of the perfect mother who lives dedicated to her three children. He’s always there when they have a problem, he encourages them to fight for their dreams, he takes them to and from school every day, he runs countless errands for them… Come on, their day -at least in the first seasons of fiction- turns around them.

So why have we included her in this special on imperfect mothers? Because like, almost, every mother also has its “little flaws”. A few flaws that make us love her even more. can you imagine your mother entering your computer to locate your mobile and thus know where you are? And to do everything possible so that your vacations coincide with those of your brothers so that you can spend a few days alone? Or that while you spend a few days in a hotel -when your house is under construction- take a free room to escape from that madness, without prior notice? Trying to get her daughter to break up with her boyfriend because she doesn’t think it’s enough for her, getting her son a medal and making him go through one of the most humiliating moments of his time at high school, shaving a friend of her daughter’s hair for trying to teach him a lesson… and so we could go on for several paragraphs. But In his defense we have to admit thatalmost, he does everything for the good of his children. Or that’s what every mother usually says when she gives you advice.

Linda Belcher in ‘Bob’s Burger’


Linda Belcher She is one of the most chaotic mothers in the world of animated series. A wife and mother of three bizarre children, she is the co-star of Bob’s Burger (created by animator and screenwriter Loren Bouchard). Linda believes that everyone around her is rosy and is usually quite condescending to those around her., except with her husband Bob, whom she brings up on more than one occasion. To make matters worse for him, the woman she had a relationship in the past with Hugo: a relentless health inspector who will look for all the imperfections he can in the fast food joint of the marriage as revenge. Despite hers more and hers less than hers, she supports her enterprising husband’s dream through thick and thin. He puts a lot of enthusiasm for everything he undertakes: from climbing on the stage of a theater, having dinner with friends or teaching your children synchronized swimming.

Linda is a histrionic character – like almost all the characters that populate this successful fiction – but gives off a special charm that conquers the viewer from the first chapters of the series. One of my favorite Linda moments on the show is between her and her own sister Gayle, when the latter thinks she and Bob are starting an affair. Far from flying into a rage over her husband’s alleged infidelity -although it’s all an amusing mistake- Linda encourages her husband to have an ‘affair’ with her sexually needy sister. Everything stays in the family.

Jean Milburn in ‘Sex Education’

if you have seen sex education you will agree that Jean Milburn She is one of those mothers that from the outside we all think are really cool, but who, in reality, are not so cool in the eyes of their own children. And if not, tell good old Otis (Asa Butterfield), that he has had to go through really uncomfortable situations on too many occasions. Performed by the ever bright Gillian AndersonJean is a popular sex therapist and writer, but, far from being the best counselor of his son, your close relationship with sex and your penchant for openly talking about it are not always to your child’s likingmuch more inhibited in this sense.

Also, to Jean Milburn it is often difficult for her to put aside her profession and limit herself to being Otis’s mother, even going so far as to spy on him in order to talk about his son’s intimate and personal experiences in his new book. She certainly is not a perfect mother, but she Jean she is one of those mothers who are not limited to a supporting role in a series of teenagers and that break with the cliché of the lady who prepares their sandwich for lunch. She has her profession, her love affairs and a very active sex life that she enjoys without hesitation.

Betty in ‘Mad Men’

With her blonde hair and impeccable outfits, Mad Men’s Betty (January Jones) could pass for the ideal housewife of the 50s. With her three perfect kids, her flawless marriage to Don Draper (Jon Hamm) and her enviable home. However, that idyllic appearance hides many gaps and the series is in charge of showing them one by one, without leaving anything in the inkwell. Betty is not the typical vase woman you might expect. She hides a lot of intelligence, a great ingenuity and a unique rebelliousness for the time. She is not willing to put up with her husband’s infidelities and it turns out that she has other hobbies besides raising her children.

When I think of Betty, I think of that wonderful scene where, fed up with her neighbor’s threats to kill her dog, she decides to grab the shotgun and shoot the pigeons she lovingly trains. She unceremoniously and with a cigarette hanging from her lips. I also find very representative the moment in which she gives her daughter, already a teenager, a cigarette as a reward for her good school results. Betty is far from perfecteven if considered politically correct by today’s values, but, who would not want to have a mother with as much temper as her?

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