5 sci-fi movies to watch on Netflix that will fascinate you

If you want to travel to other planets, experience other realities or, simply, get out of the routine a bit, write down these titles that will transport you to very different worlds.

For those who dream of living on other planets and knowing alternative universes there is science fiction, that genre that translates us to other realities through the technology we already know. They say that his name is actually a bad translation of ‘science fiction’ and that what it really means is science fiction. In any case, it has been making us think about more advanced civilizations since the beginning of the 20th century and, above all, about how we can go completely wrong if we do not improve as a species.

If all this calls you, here we have compiled five movies of unknown planets, time loops and human killing machines that you will love. In total, 5 science fiction movies to watch on Netflix.

‘Time trap’ (2020)

Time Trap It begins with the disappearance of an archeology professor. He was one of the favorites of the teaching team and a group of students has organized to look for him in the cave where he was looking for the Fountain of Life. What they do not know is that they will suffer the same fate as him, since they are entering a parallel reality where time passes much slower than on the surface. As they lose hope of being rescued, they decide to go even deeper to see what other secrets await them.

Ben Foster and Mark Dennis direct this sci-fi adventure that, according to the creators themselves, has influences from 80s cinema, such as Indiana Jones and Los Goonies.

‘The Wandering Earth’ (2019)

Due to the aging of the Sun, humanity decides to use huge thrusters to move the Earth to another system and ensure the survival of life on Earth. This movement causes catastrophic tsunamis and much of the surface is frozen. An astronaut embarks on a mission to a space station with the goal of assisting in the interstellar journey of the Blue Planet.

The Wandering Earth part of a short novel by Liu Cixin, the famous Chinese Locus and Hugo Prize-winning writer and creator of the Three Bodies Trilogy.

‘During the storm’ (2018)

In a mysterious interference in the timeline, Vera manages to save the life of a boy who lived in the same house 25 years earlier. This good act has a series of consequences that he did not expect and he wakes up in a world where his daughter has never been born. The protagonist begins a race against time to return to her old reality, but realizes that what she had lived until now is a mirage.

Oriol Paulo directs During the storm, a science fiction thriller starring Adriana Ugarte and Chino Darín. Paulo is an old acquaintance of the suspense genre, as he is also responsible for Setback and The body.

‘See you yesterday’ (2019)

See You Yesterday It has two science-loving students as its protagonists. They have to create a science project good enough to get a scholarship with which to continue studying. Their idea is to make two time machines that they can fit into a backpack. Their teacher – the mythical Michael J. Fox – is incredulous, but it turns out that, after several unsuccessful attempts, they manage to put them into operation.

An idea based on a short film by Stefon Bristol, also the director of the film with Fredrica Bailey. The short won the HBO Short Film Competition but, ironically, they ended up developing the feature for Netflix, the competition.

‘Lucy’ (2014)

Lucy he works as a mule, offering his body to transform the drugs of a group of drug traffickers. One day, one of the bags breaks and the young woman acquires superhuman powers. He now has the ability to telekinesis, feels no pain, can absorb knowledge instantly, and has inhuman speed. Lucy has been turned into a killing machine.

Behind this sci-fi movie is veteran Luc Besson, known for The fifth element, The professional (Leon) O Nikita, tough to kill.

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