6 horror series that have scared us in 2021

Discover our selection of television titles to enjoy, and shout, this Halloween.

If you are one of those who on Halloween is used to delighting in one or more horror movies, we have a proposal for you that seems a little different to those common practices that range from taking advantage to revisit some of the most famous classics to choosing some of the most acclaimed horror films of recent years. You have plenty of material if you like horror movies, you already know that, but Maybe you find it interesting to dedicate the scariest night of the year to delight yourself with a horror story of several hours and watch a series of the genre from beginning to end.

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In recent years we have enjoyed excellent scary stories in serial format, such as The curse of Hill House, Channel Zero or Marianne among many others, and 2021, although perhaps less prolific in general, has also given us the creeps with some of his productions released this year. They are not many, but below you can take note of the series that have terrified us this year. If you have not seen any of them, you may be before your best date for this Halloween.

To be scared!


It was one of the great bets of Amazon Prime Video for 2021, although at its premiere last April it was received by viewers quite unevenly – not particularly applauded, but not criticized either –. Still, no one can take away Them the honor of being among the most outstanding terrifying series of the year that is about to end, in which it has given us an interesting story that, with greater or lesser success, he planted the spectators with a double source of terror: on the one hand, the classic terror, the supernatural one, that of the fear of the unknown and the threats that stalk some characters who do not know very well what is happening; on the other, the visceral racism suffered by the main family when they move to a new neighborhood in Los Angeles where they want to make their dreams come true.

Set in the 50sDuring the Second Great African American Migration, the series addresses how a black family, headed by Alfred and Lucky, moves from North Carolina to Los Angeles with their children, to a completely white neighborhood. The house seems idyllic, but they soon discover that it is also the home of evil forces, real and supernatural.

The series is the brainchild of Little Marvin, a new figure in the industry who has the backing of famed screenwriter – here producer – Lena Waithe, and her format is anthological: each season will tell a story.

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Midnight Mass

Another of the most anticipated in 2021 and the object of a real furor at its premiere last September has been Midnight mass, the new series from Netflix horror master Mike Flanagan. After making them scream with The curse of Hill House and repeat success with The curse of Bly Manor, the well-known director leaves the haunted houses behind in his new series to travel to a remote, minimally populated island where truly terrifying events are about to take place.

The plot of Flanagan’s series, which he himself describes as his most personal project and that he thought he would never get to do, takes place on Crockett Island and the starting point is twofold: on the one hand, the return of a former member of the community who just got out of jail after a terrible actor from the past; on the other, the arrival of a new and mysterious priest who arrives accompanied by apparently miraculous events that generate a religious fervor in the place. However, the miraculous hides a terrible evil, a diabolical danger that you will have to discover for yourself if you have not yet given the series a chance.

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I Know What You Did Last Summer

The title is unmistakable, but no, it is not the mythical horror film ‘slasher’ of the late 90s. Instead, the one also responsible for the adaptation of the comic series Preacher with Preacher, Sarah Goodman, has wrapped the blanket around her head and has developed an 8-episode series that shares the same premise with the film directed by Jim Gillespie in 1997 but whose result is a modernized version in which mobile phones, social networks and the internet come into play. All the technological advances that would make it easier for a stalker.

In the television version of the famous horror franchise starring Jennifer Love Hewitt. Sarah Michelle Gellar and company, we meet a new group of young people, who, also at their graduation, run over a person and dispose of the corpse. The point is that here the victim comes with ‘plot-twist’ included, but you will have to see it to find out. A year later, someone who knows what they did begins to hunt them down and exact their bloody revenge.

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Lisey’s story

Stephen King’s novels have always been the subject of dozens of film and television adaptations. His gift for telling lurid stories and creating such lifelike characters are two of the characteristics that make his works true objects of desire for screenwriters. One of the last fictions inspired by the writer’s stories bears by title Lisey’s Story; And although seeing an adaptation of his novels is always appetizing, the Apple TV + series has an essential ingredient that makes it indispensable for lovers of its stories. That ingredient is none other than the participation of King himself as the scriptwriter of the project.

Normally, the novelist prefers to stay on the sidelines in the adaptations of his novels, but the special affection that King has for Lisey’s Story, led him to want to be 100% involved in fiction. The reason for this decision is because the story of the story is slightly inspired by the experience that King went through when he had to undergo emergency surgery, in 2003, as a result of pneumonia. King said that when he got home from the hospital and saw that his wife, also a writer Tabitha King, had organized and cleaned the table where he writes his works, it inspired him to start shaping the plot of Lisey’s Story.

And which one is it Lisey’s Story? That of a woman who, two years later, is still trying to overcome the death of her husband, the famous novelist Scott Landon (Clive Owen). Since she passed away, Lisa (Julianne Moore) has insisted on keeping order in the space where Scott wrote his works. However, as the story progresses, he must face a series of ghosts from the past that turn into his worst nightmare.

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New cherry flavor

Another horror fiction that Netflix has delighted us with this 2021 is New cherry flavor. It arrived on the platform last August, under the seal of Nick Antosca – creator of another of one of the most terrifying series of recent years, Channel Zero-, and immediately a gap was made among the most viewed content on the platform. And it is that the product created by Antosca and Lenore Zion has the necessary ingredients to catch the viewer from the first episode to the last.

Inspired by the novel Brand New Cherry Flavor, by Tood Grimson, the fiction follows Lisa Nova (Rosa Salazar), a young woman who dreams of finding a place, as a screenwriter and director, in the elite world of Hollywood. After starring in a short, a successful unscrupulous producer proposes to turn it into a feature film. Lisa agrees, on the condition that she will direct it. His dream begins to crumble when he discovers the true interests of the producer, and suffers his abuse of power on his own skin. Far from sinking, Lisa joins a mysterious woman, half witch, ready to help her in her revenge. On his way, he enters a world that borders on the supernatural, where there is room for the unimaginable. From satanic cults and sinister tattoo artists, to adorable kittens and traumas from their past.

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We close this selection of series that have scared us in 2021 with Calls, one of the riskiest bets on Apple TV +, which will surprise you not only because of its plot but also because of its format. A format in which there is no room for images, only for sound. We know that right now you are wondering how it is possible that there is a series without images, without actors or actresses. But the truth is that it is not an innocent, and that its creator Fede Alvarez has managed to provide a new paradigm in the world of television fiction.

In the nine episodes in which it is divided Calls, you can only hear the phone conversations that the characters have. Although at first, the calls seem unrelated to each other, as the plot progresses a series of events, interferences and cuts in the connection create a palpable tension that will not let you detach from the screen. Lilly Collins, Aubrey Plaza, Mark Duplass and Rosario Dawson are some of the protagonists of the curious and chilling Calls.

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