6 series of drawings from our childhood that deserve a game as good as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Cowabunga Collection

In the territory of the video games based on children’s animation series there are two types of licenses: those of Konami inspired by the ninja turtles games and the rest. Well… actually it might be a lot to say: Disney also knew how to ally with companies like Sega or Capcom who knew how to take advantage of their licenses, but the reality is that when we talk about animated licenses on consoles they always come to mind the infamous boot twister cartridges of the LJN, Acclaim or Titus category.

The recent release of Shredder’s Revenge on one side and the Cowabunga Collection It has made us remember how brilliant the titles starring Donnie, Leo, Raph and Mickie were, Why didn’t other licenses of the time have the same luck? For this reason, today at 3DJuegos we wanted to review some brands that, surely, could have enjoyed truly attractive productions if someone had taken them as something more than a mere marketing product to increase the sales of entertainers and toy companies.

Today we will review six specific examples, but feel free to tell us which ones you think could have been well adapted from animation to video games. Have we missed any? Do not hesitate to tell us in the comments or by the 3D Games Discord.

series of drawings that deserve a video game

The Powerpuff Girls: the dream of a Cartoon Network beat’em up

Have you noticed that, despite the fame of The Powerpuff Girls, the license has never had a video game at the height of its significance? Only unfortunate games for laptops signed by the most seedy studios in charge of transporting series to consoles to earn some money. What would have happened if Petal, Bubble and Cactus had been put in good hands? Can you imagine a beat’em up in the style of the Cartoon Network of the 90s? With a script that captured the lost greatness of the series and mixed in its best characters? Now that would be a dream come true for the millions of Powerpuff Girls fans around the world.

series of drawings that deserve a video game

He-Man and the Masters of the Universe: many dolls, few video games

The toy company Mattel tried to break into the video game industry with all its might in the early eighties, but it crashed. Although the stick was heavy for the red seal, its strength as one of the great toy leaders in the United States and the world allowed the impact not to affect its coffers as much as other pioneers of the moment. Perhaps his displeasure with the attempt to enter the sector helped the firm not put a lot of effort into making great video games for its big brands, but the absence of a great title starring good Adam is a millennial tragedy. With the user base that still exists, there would be room to bring He-Man back to video games.. Perhaps in the guise of Dolph Lundgren? With or without Drago, what there is is a He-Man beat’em up made by fans that you can’t miss.

series of drawings that deserve a video game

Silver Hawks, a franchise made to be a great video game

For not including the Thundercats (who we’re still mad at after the last series) we’ll include their space cousins, the Silver Hawks. They are made of silver and steel, but also a serialized ad to sell dolls, a strategy followed by many companies in the United States to sell toys to the youngsters of the time. But look at those designs, those worlds that cross at the speed of light and the possibility of having a team with abilities clearly differentiated from each other are difficult candy for any player to avoid. I wouldn’t take the hackneyed and childish stories of the original series, but I think a great reboot could be built in which to take advantage of a license that seems to have more of a future as a video game than as a toy in the 21st century.

series of drawings that deserve a video game

COPS, some very particular police officers

The first role of Captain Holt from Brooklyn Nine-Nine. You won’t even remember COPS. It may have been a series that did not stain where it passed, but it did not clean either. It was a commando of very particular policemen who faced different delusional criminal gangs from Empire City. There was no lack of a stereotype of the late 80s, nor was there a lack of that constant feeling of being in front of a multi-chapter toy ad. a luck of crackdown with the heroes and villains of COPS, it would fit a franchise dormant in the subconscious of the children of that time. It’s time to fight crime.

series of drawings that deserve a video game

Darkwing Duck deserves a video game after Chip and Chop

Many followers of Darkwing Duck have wondered the same thing after the revival of Chip and Chop on Disney +: When will the best Disney duck have his resurrection? In 3DJuegos we have the solution: What if Darkwing went all out in video games and left Chip and Chop in the lurch? The difference between Darkwing and the rest of the characters on our list is that he already had a very decent video game in 8-bit territory more than 30 years ago, but if the world were fair, rocksteady I would prepare an Arkham Knight with the characters of El Pato Darkwing. You have to get into action.

series of drawings that deserve a video game

The Looney Tunes have never had a video game at their height

The Looney Tunes are an icon of animation and cartoons that have transcended generations. Nevertheless, They have not had the luck of Disney in the territory of the video game]. While Mickey Mouse video games have been signed by companies of the Sega or Capcom category, Bugs Bunny video games have always been seen as minor productions that did not go beyond mere marketing interest. Naturally, there is some exception signed by konami with their cousins, the Tiny Toons, but the comparison between mouse and rabbit is totally hateful. How about a video game that paid tribute to so many years of crazy adventures with Daffy Duck, Porky and company?