6 things I wish I knew before playing Atomic Heart – Atomic Heart

Beyond its spectacular staging and how shocking its strange soviet dystopiait is very likely that if you start playing Atomic Heart you will be surprised by the hardness of their combats. Already from the first enemy this game of action with RPG overtones puts you in trouble, and although more weapons and special powers increase the chances of survival, it is still a difficult game which can overwhelm you with some of your toughest battles.

That is why I take advantage of the fact that now many of you are going to make the leap into this world dominated by killer robots and zombies to give you a few tips that I would have liked to know before starting my game at Atomic Heart. It’s not that they’re going to change your life, but I’m sure they’ll be great for you to deal more effectively with the brutal action of this shooter developed by mundfishof which I have spoken to you at length in the Atomic Heart analysis.

Scan everything around you

In the early stages, the scanner may not seem like much, but you’ll soon discover that it’s the best way to learn the weaknesses and strengths of enemies, as well as find clues to solve puzzles. The RPG aspect of Atomic Heart is more important than it seems, to the point that you can find enemies resistant to melee damage. So scan, and attack with the deadliest weapon.

Go for the special ammo

There is a specific upgrade for each weapon that allows you to use special ammunition with fire, ice or electricity damage. Do not hesitate, go for it, because they can make your life much easier. If an enemy is weak to fire, this is the only way you can drain them at high speed. But watch out. First you have to find the upgrade of the weapon you are using.

Atomic Heart

polymer discharge

If you have elemental damage ammo, then the next logical step is to unlock the Polymer Bolt ability; A slime that slows down enemies at advanced levels, but whose main function is to boost elemental damage, making it more durable. You can coat an enemy in this goo and then hit them with an electric shock. The blow will be brutal.

Two dodges better than one

very important Once you have access to raving Nora and you can get glove improvements, I recommend that you bet on the additional dodge. In Atomic Heart it is essential to dodge at the right moment to escape the strong attacks of the enemies, and with this improvement, you will have an extra action to get away from danger, or react in case of failure.

Don’t be afraid to reinvent your arsenal

One of the best things about Atomic Heart is that you can invest raw materials in a weapon, upgrade it to the maximum, and if you don’t like it later, take it apart and use all that scrap to make a different one. Take advantage of it because it doesn’t take long to make a weapon, and this can be the key to defeating that enemy that resists you.

Earn some peace of mind in the open world

When you go out into the open world of Atomic Heart you face dozens of robots that at the very least rush at you. If you defeat them, they are repaired by other robots and back into action in a few seconds so it’s a battle you can’t win. But there is a trick. You’ll get some peace of mind if you bring down the Falcon, a balloon found in each area, and blow up the system. This way neither cameras nor most robots will bother you. But if you do, keep in mind that you won’t be able to use the surveillance cameras to unlock access to secret labs either.

If you have already started your game in Atomic Heart, feel free to also share other tips to help players starting their journey in this nightmare world. And if you haven’t done it yet, remember that the game is available on xbox game pass from day 1.