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When we talk about portability, the battery duration It is essential to get the most out of machines like the Nintendo Switch, which is already six years old and continues to break sales records around the world. The Kyoto hybrid is already among the best selling consoles of all timewith estimates placing Switch as the third best-selling console, behind only the Nintendo DS and PS2.

Even without official news about its successor, apart from the eternal rumors that speak of reviews of the original console, which according to Nintendo itself is still in the middle of its life cycle, we want to take advantage of this moment to give you a series of singles tips to extend the life of your batteryso that if you change the model before the generation ends it is because you want to jump to a newer one, like the Nintendo Switch OLED, and not because your battery is dying. If, on the contrary, you are launching a new console, even better, because you can start take care of your battery from day one.

Don’t completely drain the battery

Surely you have ever heard that the best way to charge electronic devices is to carry out full charges, leaving the battery to fully discharge and then start charging it. Well, this is not only an archaic and erroneous belief, but it is one of the practices that more will harm the useful life of your battery.

If you haven’t touched the console for months, make sure it has a battery and charge it

It is usually recommended to keep the lithium ion batteries (LIB)like the one mounted on the Nintendo Switch, always between 20% and 80% of your load. Actually, this is relatively difficult on the Nintendo console, since when playing regularly on the dock, the battery is likely to be almost always fully charged. Although when we make intensive use of the portable game, we must ensure that, as far as possible, the charges are regular, trying to maintain a charge of more than half and of course not letting it get to 0%. Making the battery go between 0% and 100% constantly is the fastest way to shorten its life, less flexibility and affect the number of charge cycles.

Nintendo Switch - Battery

It should also be remembered that, if for some reason, you have not touched the Nintendo Switch for months, it is convenient that, at least, do some sporadic uploads and don’t let it die without a battery in a drawer, long periods with the console turned off with a depleted battery are very detrimental to its useful life.

Use trusted shippers

This summer we talked to you about what your alternatives were in case you did not have the Nintendo Switch charger at hand and had to use a mobile phone charger. The USB-C charging port of Nintendo’s hybrid has served to facilitate the connection with almost any type of current peripheral, but this also carries a series of risks.

Nintendo Switch - Battery

Our advice is that you watch the chargers that you are going to use with it, because although apparently they do not have to pose any problem, the worst quality can give you some displeasure. Our recommendation is that you always use the official Nintendo charger, or failing that, Nintendo-licensed chargers for the console or to charge the Joy-Con.

Also do not use any external battery

In the same way as with power adapters, charge your Nintendo Switch with any external battery (power bank) may not be the most advisable for the life of your battery. Nintendo has licensed some battery models, such as those manufactured by the Anker brand, and that guarantee safe operation.

Nintendo Switch - Battery

If you are going to charge the console with an external battery, you must also take into account the usb-c cable that you will use to do it: among the recommendations of Nintendo support we find that the ideal would be to use the official charging cable that includes the Pro Controller and the Joy-Con charging stand (HAC-010), but in case of If you don’t have one of these, you can find Nintendo-licensed cables from third-party companies that are safe and have a 56K Ohm resistor.

Monitor the temperature of your Nintendo Switch

The temperature of your battery is another aspect that you should monitor to extend its life, although if you expose your console to extreme temperatures, this will not be the only component that may be at risk, so this advice is of vital importance: watch the temperature what your Nintendo Switch is going to face, especially during loads.

Do not leave the console charging in the sun or in a place with high temperatures

If we emphasize this recommendation, it is due to the very portable nature of the console and, in times of good weather, it is not uncommon for you to carry it around to enjoy playing on vacation. Although extremely cold temperatures can also harm the battery, it is more likely that the problems come from the heat. Pay special attention to the place where you leave your console, do not leave it in a car parked in the sun in the middle of a heat wave, much less put it to charge somewhere in the sun.

Be aware of cargo ventilation

We know that it may seem obvious, but even if you are not playing the console, you should not cover it while charging it: the temperature will rise despite being turned off and you do not want to turn it into a small oven. So, do not cover the console in the dock while it is chargingDon’t even box it.

nintendo switch.

Ideally, you should carry out the charges in a cool and ventilated space. Even if you are very careful and you like to always have your console covered and stored in its case, it is important that do not charge the console while keeping it in the case. Usually, the covers do not allow you to connect the charging cable, but even if you manage to do so, it will not be recommended.

save battery

If you find yourself away from home in a situation where the options to charge your console are not ideal, the only alternative to avoid crushing the battery may be to try save consumption as much as possible and thus extend your hours of play, if this is the case, here are some ways to make your battery take longer to approach that 0% to avoid:

  • Adjust screen brightness: On many occasions, this can be excessive and lowering the brightness of the screen is one of the best ways to save battery. Also remember to turn off auto brightness.
  • Choose Black Theme: This is one of the options that we recommend for any of your devices. It will help you to reduce the intensity of the brightness of the screen and thus reduce consumption.
  • Turn off vibration: If you are playing on Nintendo Switch Lite, you should also take into account the battery that vibration consumes and turning it off, you can also save.
  • Activate airplane mode: If you are not playing connected to the Internet, nor are you using Bluetooth or NFC devices, you can activate Airplane mode to disable them and not waste consumption.
  • reduce the volume: Like any other element of your Nintendo Switch, playing with the volume at maximum also entails a battery consumption that you can reduce by adjusting it to the minimum that you consider necessary.
  • standby mode: This option ensures that the screen turns off as soon as we stop using the console, something similar to what we are all used to on mobile phones and is another way to keep consumption at bay.

We want to end by reminding you that you shouldn’t be obsessed with the useful life of your battery, fortunately, skipping any of these recommendations in a timely manner should not pose any serious problem for your console, although having a few good consumption habits, in the long run it will greatly benefit its conservation. Remember that if you want more recommendations for extend the life of your consolein 3DJuegos you have available our 13 tips to clean your Nintendo Switch and Joy-Con.

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