7 Netflix short series with episodes of less than 20 minutes (that you can even watch in two hours)

Don’t have time for more? Here is a selection of titles that you can see in full, in some cases, even in less than two hours.

With several hundred series produced each year and with the different streaming platforms competing almost every week to host the best new releases, series lovers are increasingly faced with the complex ballot not only of deciding what they want to see, but also of detecting what they have time to see. To find a title that fits between the time they dedicate to other series they are already watching and the rest of the activities they like to do in their free time.

However, the streaming platforms themselves in general and Netflix in particular also have a solution for that, since in its catalog it is becoming easier to find not only miniseries with a few episodes that give us life, such as Lady’s Gambit O This is how they see us, but of titles that consist of very very short chapters and whose season can be seen in a jiffy.

That is precisely the key to one of the new Netflix original productions in Spain, The time that I give you, whose episodes barely last 10-15 minutes and its first season tells in two hours a story of love and heartbreak that is told and interpreted in a truly exceptional way. “Now when people ask you how long the episodes are and you say that half an hour is an ‘Ah okay, how cool'”, explained Nadia de Santiago, its creator and protagonist, in statements to SensaCine on the occasion of its premiere. “We’re going so fast that we don’t have time for more.”

And that you say it. Next, a selection of seven series with episodes of less than 20 minutes that you can watch, in some cases, even in less than two hours.

The time that I give you

The well-known actress from Mrs and Cable girls, among others, Nadia de Santiago is not only the protagonist of the new romantic Netflix miniseries, The time that I give you. The interpreter, with the help of her production company ‘La breve historia’ and her partners and colleagues Inés Pintor Sierra and Pablo Santidrián, has created the new title of the ‘streaming’ platform, in which she plays one of the main characters with Álvaro Cervantes.

In The Time I Give You, Nadia de Santiago is Nina, while Álvaro Cervantes is Nico, a couple who are attracted from the first moment they meet and who end up living a beautiful and long love story. However, the true protagonist of his story is not his infatuation, but his breakup, and the series maintains a most original format to tell it. In each episode, which is barely 10 minutes long, more time is devoted to the part in which the relationship is destroyed and less and less to how it was built.

Time you need to see it: 2 hours and 7 minutes

Love, Death & Robots

There are already two seasons of this animated series on Netflix, so, just for that, it may take you a little longer to devour it in a row. However, there are really short episodes in it. The main peculiarity of Love, Death & Robots is that it is an anthological series in which each of its chapters have absolutely nothing to do with each other. Neither does the genre, since several are played, although science fiction prevails over all of them; nor the type of animation, since all the techniques converge. A visual wonder for animation lovers without a doubt.

It is also important to say that it is an animated series for adults only, since the episodes include violent and sexual content. Netflix has already confirmed its renewal for a third season.

Time you need to see it: 4 hours and 5 minutes


Created by and starring Ryan O’Connell and based on his own self-titled and autobiographical book, Special is the story of a homosexual man who suffers from mild cerebral palsy. Hand in hand with the experiences of the creator, author and protagonist himself, the series shows how life has been and having to grow up with special needs.

However, after a lifetime marked as a victim of an accident, the protagonist reaches a point in his life where he decides that the time has come to rewrite his identity forever and start living life once and for all. What does he want. Aired for two seasons on Netflix, the series triumphed with a first installment of episodes of 13 minutes on average, but in the second season they went up to half an hour, so the total viewing time is longer. It came to an end on the platform last spring.

Time you need to see it: 5 hours and 8 minutes.


In this selection of series of short episodes, you could not miss Bonding, the fiction created by Rightor Doyle, which arrived on Netflix in April 2019. The platform’s subscribers received it with great anticipation, and a few months later the streaming giant gave the green light for a second season. However, and against all odds, this 2021 the company has decided to end the project, for no apparent reason. A surprising cancellation, which left his fans wanting more.

In addition to having 15 episodes of less than 20 minutes each, Bonding it has other characteristics that make it the perfect fiction to start and finish today. To be based on the actual experience of its creator, Doyle, during his early years in New York; have influences from Pedro Almodóvar himself; openly show the unknown world of the Dominatrix, and the nomination of its protagonist, Brendan Scannell, to the Emmy, are just some of them.

History introduces us to Tiff and Pete, two friends who meet again, in New York, years after finishing high school. Tiff combines her studies with a night job as a Dominatrix, while Pete has finally decided to confess his homosexuality. Tiff proposes to Pete that he become his assistant and he accepts without hesitation, despite not knowing everything that job hides.

Time you need to see it: 4 hours and 20 minutes.

‘Bruno’s walks’

If you are looking for a perfect comedy to watch over dinner or on those short rides on public transport, Bruno’s walks is your ideal candidate. The eight episodes into which the first, and to date only, season is divided have a duration that ranges between 11 and 20 minutes. A very striking detail for all those who want to enjoy short series. Those that to see them you do not need to reserve almost an hour of your free time.

The fiction, nominated for an Emmy for Best Short Series of Drama or Comedy in 2019, follows Malcolm, a resident of the Bushwick neighborhood in Brooklyn, who lives for and for his best friend: an adorable dog named Bruno. For him, Bruno is his priority, and he can’t imagine leaving home without his company. However, she is soon faced with reality when she discovers that her neighbors simply see Bruno as a pet.

Time you need to see it: 1 hour and 45 minutes.

This shit gets over me

Another Netflix fiction with episodes of less than 20 minutes is the dramatic comedy, with fantastic overtones, This shit gets over me. Despite its excellent reception by users of the platform, months after its premiere the streaming giant announced that the series was being canceled, and that a second season was not going to be shot. An announcement motivated by the hard blow of Covid-19 to the audiovisual market.

Still, the only season of fiction created by Jonathan Entwistle and Christy Hall is worth a lot. Inspired by the eponymous graphic novel by Charles Forsman, the plot follows Sydney, a teenager who tries to fit in, at all costs, among her high school classmates. The school environment is not the only problem in Sydney’s life, and at home she also tries to cope with the disparate ideas of her peculiar family. To make matters worse, overnight begins to develop a mysterious ability: telekinesis.

Time you need to see it: 2 hours and 36 minutes.

Oats Studios

Without a doubt, the anthological series Oats Studios, created by Neill Blomkamp, ​​is perfect for marathons on a weekend or even a single afternoon. And is that the fiction is conceived as a sequence of 10 short films, with a duration ranging from 4 to 26 minutes.

Oats Studios It features, in its first volume, with faces like Sigourney Weaver, Dakota Fanning and Sharlto Copley. Each of them stars in one of ten episodes, in which different visual experiments are shown set in the post-apocalyptic world imagined by Blomkamp. Experiments located between terror and science fiction, which tell stories such as the invasion of Earth by a group of extraterrestrial lizards or the desperate attempt to flee from the workers of a mining station, in the Arctic Circle, attacked by a monstrous creature.

Time you need to see it: 1 hour and 57 minutes.