8 ‘Dragon Ball’ characters that are more powerful than Goku

Although it is in specific moments, some characters have managed to surpass the saiyan.

Goku, Vegeta, Freezer… Dragon Ball It is full of characters with very different powers and characteristics, each one better than the previous one. Throughout the more than 30 years of the franchise, through its numerous films and series, the franchise has introduced many plots, has raised very even confrontations and has made us know invincible warriors, but, Is anyone capable of overshadowing Son Goku himself?

Well, yes, there are some who are capable of overcoming it. They are counted on the fingers of their hands and sometimes their superiority is momentary, but from time to time a fighter has emerged capable of taking down the saiyan. We have seen him succeed on many occasions and those are the audience’s favorite moments, but, as these are exceptional cases, it is also worth remembering and remembering when they have exceeded their limits.

Goku black

Goku is practically indestructible, so the biggest threat can only come from himself … or a similar version. For this reason, Goku Black is one of the characters chosen to face him. His quick ability to learn in battle and having the body of the saiyan give him that honor.


Hit is a legendary assassin and leader of the team that competes in Universe 6. He possesses several powers that place him in a position close to Goku, among which are his ability to jump in time, which makes him anticipate the movements of their opponents.

Agnilasa or Anilaza

Agnilasa is a gigantic humanoid resulting from the fusion of several characters that was able to face Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, Freeza and androids 17 and 18 at the same time. Said it remains.


Beerus, the God of Destruction. That title leaves no room for doubt: it is a character you would not want to meet in a competition. He has been trained by Whis and is able to stop Goku by doing only a couple of movements.


You just have to see him during training with Goku, where he appears unchanging and practically without sweating. Whis is able to dodge the fastest attacks without losing his hair, which is why he has earned his place on this list. Akira Toriyama himself says so, who has ensured that his level is much higher than that of other characters.


She is Whis’s sister, even more powerful than him, so she had to appear on the list. In addition, he has a staff with which he is capable of completely destroying planets, among other incredible powers such as immortality or energy shield.

High priest

Two beings as powerful as Whis and Vados could only come from someone much stronger than them. The father of the two characters is this being so innocent and endearing that you see in the image. There are few that surpass him and the vast majority of Dragon Ball fans will agree that he is in the Top 3 of the most powerful beings in the franchise.


A permanent smile and a goofy look hide the most incredible power in the multiverse. Zen-Oh is the strongest character in the franchise, capable of ending the existence of anything that comes to mind using his energy balls. To this must be added his immortality and his ability to copy the techniques of his adversaries.