8 weeks enduring at the top of Netflix: the Spanish series that has survived the most outstanding releases of the year

The carousel of the most popular on the streaming platform is very changeable. However, there is a comedy that has been holding up for two months.

Netflix may incorporate several new series and movies to its catalog every monthbut the reality is that some go much more unnoticed than others and, of course, not all of them manage to sneak into the coveted top 10 most populara juicy carousel that shows subscribers what content is being watched the most in their country and that sometimes translates into new viewers.

Not long ago we were surprised by the unusual case of alchemy of souls, a fantastic Korean series in which many of us had not noticed but which managed to remain the world Top of the most watched -in non-English-speaking series- for at least 18 weeks and whose second part has already added -at least- seven weeks more. However, In Spain we have our own example of a great survivor of the topsince the comedy Alpha Males It has not stopped appearing among the most popular in our country since its premiere on December 30, 2022.

From creators of The one that is coming Laura and Alberto Caballero, Alpha Males debuted in the middle of the Christmas holidays in 2022 as a new proposal that had nothing to do with buildings or neighborhood communities. In Alpha Males the protagonists are a group of men in the midst of a masculinity crisis who, for various reasons, try to deconstruct themselves in order to adapt to a more egalitarian society that they don’t always fully understand.

The series was the subject of great praise and in its day quickly became the most watched, but after falling out of the Top 10 several weeks after its premiere, it has continued to be among the most popular. Even with the premieres of some of the Netflix series that have worked best so far this year, such as the fourth season of youthe addictive ‘thriller’ the snow girlthe second installment of Vikings: Valhalla or the recent All the times we fell in love.

Since its premiere on December 30, 2022, Alpha Males celebrates eight weeks in the top this weekwhich is not 18 o’clock Alchemy of Soulsbut a figure that, to date, only a few have managed to achieve.

Another good news for fans? That there will be season 2. “If you like fine humor, here you have another cucumber: Alpha Males. There will be season 2,” Netflix announced through a video posted on their social networks last January.