A brief but intense adventure for the Ariège artist Looptisck at The Voice

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David Bourgeois alias Loopstick, failed to convince the four coaches of The Voice last Saturday at blind auditions, with his cover of Ben Mazué. Despite his disappointment, the artist from Ariège knows it: he will never stop writing.

After his blind auditions on Saturday March 11 on the show The Voice, the adventure came to an abrupt end for David Bourgeois alias Loopstick. The four coaches did not indeed return on his performance, despite a powerful recovery of the title “I’m coming” from Ben Mazué.

The 31-year-old Ariège landscaper had nevertheless managed to climb the steps. After a first selection for the singing show, the passionate rap and folk music candidate was chosen among the best for the blind auditions. “When I saw the doors open and I found myself in front of the four coaches, I immediately had a stroke of stress,” he recalls.

“It’s six months of preparation”

After two intense minutes on stage, the latter ended his performance disappointed not to see the four chairs turn around. “Casing nothing, it’s six months of preparation, of casting to go to Paris. It’s time and a hell of a budget, so we tell ourselves all that to finally not be taken, it’s hard”, admits- he.

As they are used to, the four coaches then justified their choice: “There is a lot of information, you wanted to give us all of a sudden. Toulouse duo Bigflo and Oli. The latter, who team up together, still wanted to congratulate him: “On the other hand, there was the flow, the rhythm, the voice was good”. The two brothers also underlined his appetite for rap.

Just like the singer Vianney who recognizes a danger in the choice of the title. “You have talent, don’t doubt it and you entertained us so thank you”, concludes the rapper duo. Even if he did not succeed in convincing the four artists, more and more selective in their choices over the broadcasts, the Ariégeois left to the applause of the public.

“I was so disappointed that I didn’t get a repartee”

“It was a good experience and I understood their criticisms, but I was so disappointed that I had no repartee at the time”, slips David, who insisted on watching his performance again the day after diffusion.

“I’m happy to have done this cover in this way even if it lacked a bit of nuance. It’s very complicated to show everything we can do in just two minutes”, he explains, before adding: “I had a lot of feedback on the networks, and sometimes criticisms which are difficult to hear. But you need them, it forges! “.

For the moment, Loopstick prefers to devote himself to his solidarity album project for people with leukemia, before, perhaps, trying his luck again in another telecrochet show. But if there’s one thing he’s sure of, it’s that he’ll never let go of music. “I will always continue to make somewhat humorous songs. I will never stop writing!”, He concludes with panache.

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