A ‘Chainsaw Man’ voice actor has had to leave the anime due to death threats received by some fans

The first season of the series created by Tatsuki Fujimoto is now available on Crunchyroll Spain.

Chainsaw Man has become one of the best anime series of 2022. The story of Denji and Pochita was one of the most anticipated to see on the small screen after the wave of fans that dragged their manga written by Tatsuki Fujimoto.

But one positive thing can lead to another negative. Since the manga already has a large fandom, its fans can be very exquisite in some details or be more toxic than normal and very haters, up to the level of threaten to kill one of his benders.

Guilherme Briggs works as a voice actor in Brazil from Chainsaw Man, the same one that has received very negative comments for a few simple statements regarding the anime. To put it in context, there is a group of people in Brazil who dedicate themselves to translating manga as a hobby, using the popular slang among Brazilians for some phrases.

But some of those changes, which are not included in the original work, can distort the story and create situations misogynistic and homophobic. Among several other examples of translation change, the Future Demon’s speech uses a typical Brazilian phrase: “The future is the dick.” This made it a great success on the internet, despite the fact that it is not an official translation or authorized by Shueisha.

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In the dub, the phrase used was “The future is top”. Something much more in line with the original manga. However, it was not very well received by fans, finally attacking Guilherme Briggs when he simply tried to explain why the adaptation of that phrase in the manga to the small screen was a bad thing for the official material.

Despite the fact that it was not bad, or anything like that, Briggs could not appease the fury of the fans and suffered all kinds of criticism, in addition to hacker attacks on your Twitter and Instagram accounts. The dubbing actor finally had to announce that he would never participate in Chainsaw Man. Unfortunately, the toxicity of the fans once again makes an actor decide to leave his work due to the harassment he received.