A champion forgotten for almost 10 years will shine again thanks to a simple change that will come very soon to League of Legends – League of Legends

There are certain champions of League of Legends to those who Riot Games they are justifiably terrified. Characters with a tendency to break that can go from zero to a hundred just thanks to a small adjustment. Riven is undoubtedly one of the heroines that falls into this category.. With hardly any competitive presence in recent years and only suitable for the most skilled players in ranked matches, both she and her fragmented sword could leaving its unusual place in the metagame thanks to a small change raised by the developers that will arrive in the next Patch 13.4.

A champion who could dominate League of Legends

Riot Games’ planned change is pretty straightforward. The developer is going to adapt his passive to the new times by granting him very considerable benefits. First, the ability will scale linearly. Until now the passive increased its damage stats only at certain levels (1/6/9/12/15/18). However, from now on whenever Riven gains the necessary experience to add a new point to his abilities, the spell will increase his damage by an amount equal to 1.75% of the character’s total AD. In all cases it is a change in his favor, being particularly remarkable in the first minutes.

In this sense, the character will have access to somewhat more favorable exchanges during all phases of the game. However, this is not the only plus point. Since the introduction of Patch 13.4 of League of Legends, which according to the update schedule the next one is coming Thursday February 23, its passive will also apply to turrets. Although with 50% effectiveness, the champion will be able to Hit structures on the map with extra power. A task that will make it easier for you to get very important gold plates and advantages in order to seal the games and unleash your full potential in fights.

In this sense, it is not only a question of the champion being able to have more favorable exchanges that help him throw his rivals out of line, but also that will take better advantage of opportunities to besiege structures when you are able to achieve your goal. Some changes that can make her very dangerous for League of Legends since Riven is an anomalous character: although cumsimple with all the characteristics that champions who shine in competitive usually havealmost ten years have passed since the last time he had a notable presence.


PATCH 13.3

PATCH 13.4


DAMAGE: 30/36/42/48/54/60% AD Total at levels 1/6/9/12/15/18

DAMAGE: 30% Total AD (+1.75% Total AD per level)



No additional damage

Damage towers with 50% effectiveness

The changes, although simple, are somewhat risky. Riven is not a bad champion. In fact, he’s very close to the 48% win rate that Riot establishes as acceptable for more complex League of Legends characters. Besides, its performance increases as players rank up. Although in silver he only wins 47.2% of the games, in Diamond he succeeds in 49.95% of the cases. Additionally, it is a heroine who depends a lot on the training that each player has with him.

To these characteristics, fundamental to determine the possible competitive performance of a champion, we must add an even more obvious detail. Riven’s most favorable matchups are against champions that are currently appearing on the competitive scene. He can crush K’Sante, Jax and Gangplank. There are many very positive characteristics coming together in a single champion and with the improvement it is likely that the professionals decide to pay attention to it. The bad thing is that the new patch will take time to be in force in the professional scene, especially in Europe, since the Winter Split of LEC 2023 ends this same weekend and is disputed in 13.1B.

Riven League Of Legends

Despite this situation, it is to be expected that in other leagues or in view of the start of the spring season of competitive League of Legends on our continent, the changes will have some impact on competitive play. Of course they will be immediately noticeable in ranked, but the pro scene is a bit more special as many players have invested hundreds of hours to train a certain character and it is not easy to make them opt for an option that, beyond their personal interest in the game, they have had no reason to learn in the last ten years.