A coincidence at a wedding: the reason that Kerem Bürsin is succeeding in Turkey

The actor was trying to carve out a niche in the Hollywood industry when he changed his plans and moved to his native country.

If Kerem Bürsin is succeeding as an actor in Turkey, it is because, at a certain moment, different factors came together to make that reality possible. His life could have been very different, he was trying to be an actor in Los Angeles after graduating in advertising and, suddenly, he went to the wedding of a relative and met a person who would be key to his future. This, coupled with many other factors, have made Bürsin end up being the star it is today.

To prepare for his acting career, Bürsin attended acting classes with Carolyn Pickman and Eric Morris. At the same time, he was trying to gain experience in the industry and began to appear in advertisements and small roles. He was even one of the protagonists of Sharktopus, TV Movie cult for lovers of Syfy productions. That was his situation when he flew to Turkey for his cousin’s wedding, which changed his life.

There he met Gaye Sokmen, owner of a major representation agency in Istanbul who invited him to join. Bürsin thought about it a bit, since he had many doubts, but finally accepted. “I met Gaye Sökmen by chance when I came to my cousin’s wedding. I signed up with his acting agency. I called, but When I returned to Turkey, I asked myself, ‘Should I settle in New Zealand and work as a carpenter?’ Crazy ideas crossed my mind. But then I decided to stay in Turkey and act as an actor, “he says in an interview with Internet.

That decision was driven by many other reasons. Kerem had long wanted to investigate its origins. He came from a Turkish family and he was born in Istanbul, but having grown up outside he did not know the culture well, so when he said that he was Turkish he felt that something was stirring inside. He wanted to be 100% Turkish and the idea of ​​going back to the country to develop his identity was something he never got out of his head.

The tragic event that caused Kerem Bürsin to move to Turkey and join the army

At the same time, a tragedy occurred in his life that forced him to rethink certain issues. He received the news that his best friend had died in a bicycle accident in New York. “He was like my brother. I fell into an incredible void and began to question everything. At that time I was in Los Angeles, doing several jobs at the same time: personal training, parking cars, auditions, trying to be an actor … Due to this painful incident I decided to change my whole life “, he confessed in Liberty.

This mix of circumstances led him to move to Turkey, one of the best decisions he has ever made. It did not take long to succeed and from his first job in If I forgot, whisper caught the attention of the audience. He himself acknowledges that his local success has opened many doors for him in the United States. “The last time I went to Los Angeles, I received a lot of attention. They monitor the Turkish market very closely,” he said in Internet.

He has never hidden that his goal is to succeed in the United States and his great leap across the pond may be closer than far. “I don’t know how long it will take. But for now, I’m [en Turquía] and I’m going to work hard. “

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