A cursed Alien video freezes Google phones and the reason is more absurd than you think

Although it is one of the most successful of the technology industry, the mobile market continues to be the pending debt of Google. The North American firm, capable of dominating the search sector with an iron fist, has not managed to popularize its line of mobile phones as much as it would like. In fact, a few months ago faced a lawsuit for false advertising related to these devices, a situation that revealed that Google is willing to take all kinds of risks to increase the popularity of your Pixel phones.

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However, recent news from Ars Technica has revealed that Alphabet’s parent company’s line of mobiles has a serious problem on hand. As they detail, there is a cursed video that is capable of freezing any Pixel device and, consequently, forcing it to restart. And this, as indicated in the official subreddit of Google mobilesis due to an excerpt from the movie Alienthe 1979 Ridley Scott classic that is costing Google more than one displeasure.

Google phones freeze with a YouTube video

Apparently this clip affects devices Google Pixel 6, 6A and 7. As the news highlights, when trying to play it, the phone will freeze and restart automatically. In fact, the mobile requires a new reboot to start working, a situation that has upset users who own the device. Regarding the problem that causes this error, one theory points to the video format since apparently Google devices would have problems when playing clips 4K HDR.

Thus, the video capable of paralyzing any Google mobile is the one that is present on these lines. When playing it from the application, it causes the phone to freeze and restart immediately, a situation to which a new restart must be added for the mobile to work correctly. However, some users report that they have not experienced this problem, which is why it could be a isolated incident in which several people agree.

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Lead image from 20th Century Fox