A dancing Rasputin, smeared with custard and memories of the shoot. This is how the secret agency folklore was created in ‘The King’s Man: The First Mission’

We speak with the protagonists of the new installment of the saga made by Matthew Vaughn. The film, with Ralph Fiennes, opens in Spain on December 29.

Kingsman: Secret Service He made us do it this way. Harry explains the Eggsy why Kingsman was founded and when and how. So the story was already written, regarding Kingsman folklore. ” The King’s Man: The First Mission, the new prequel to the saga about the famous British secret agency, Matthew Vaughn already had the germ of the story in the film that started it all. The origin and folklore of this organization in which they worked Eggsy (Taron Egerton) and Harry (Colin Firth) will discover the December 29 in movie theaters. That is the day it lands on the Spanish billboards The King’s Man: The First Mission.

Starring Ralph Fiennes in the role of Duque of Oxford, the film is set during the First World War and features the appearance of some very recognizable historical figures. On one side is Rasputin, played by Rhys Ifans. “It has always fascinated me,” the actor tells SensaCine about giving life to a man as eccentric, mysterious and peculiar as this.

As Ifans continues:

Much of what we know about him is rumors and gossip and anecdotal stuff. And his appearance was very different from the other crazy world leaders of that time. So taking him from reality to the fantastic world of Kingsman made sense. Or had an artistic sense

The protagonists of The King’s Man: The First Mission they face Rasputin in one of the most spectacular action sequences in the film. And that it is so is due to the fighting style of the Russian mystic, who combines dance with martial arts. “It is the result of the work of many many many people. Stuntmen, stuntmen, the stunt coordinator … Amazing Russian traditional dancers from Georgia who dance for the Georgia National Ballet, I think, they were amazing. One was an expert in aerial movements, another was an expert in ground movements “, emphasizes Ifans.

Rhys Ifans as Rasputin.

Djimon Hounsou, que interpreta a Shola, the right-hand man of the Duke of Oxford, is one of Rasputin’s opponents in that sequence and the actor acknowledges that the film was physically very tough: “The training was, that’s for sure, the most difficult I’ve done for a movie so far. And the particular scene with Rasputin is an example. It was a challenge to do. It was like a test. A challenge that was done with some pain. because some of us wound up doing it “.

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Who has also had a lot of work behind the cameras is Tom Hollander, who is in charge of giving life to three characters: The King George V, the Kaiser Wilhelm and the Tsar Nicholas. “I enjoyed all of them for different reasons,” says the actor. “My favorite part is the joke that one person is three people because those three people are connected, are from the same family and are equally responsible for the destruction of World War I.”.


The King’s Man: The First Mission has great supporting characters, but the core and heart of the film is the relationship between the Duke of Oxford and his son Conrad, played by Harris Dickinson. The first is a pacifist who always tries to drive his offspring away from war, but when it breaks out, the young man wants to contribute and fight for his country.

“I think we were very lucky that we got along naturally.”, says Dickinson -at the press conference of the film that SensaCine attended virtually- about how both the father and son relationship worked. “It was wonderful to work with Harris’ energy and sensitivity. And with Matthew leading us,” adds Fiennes.

Harris Dickinson and Ralph Fiennes as Conrad and the Duke of Oxford.

The Duke of Oxford’s family is somewhat unusual. Besides her son, we also found Shola already Polly. Together with them, who are part of the protagonist’s service to the public, form what will later be known as Kingsman. Shola is an expert in melee fights with a machete in hand. Polly, played by Gemma Arterton, is more hands-on, focusing on the intelligence side of the agency. “There was a natural chemistry”, says the actress. “It was very natural. It didn’t seem like we had to work too hard on it.”

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If Hounsou claims that the movie’s training was tough, Arterton had to smear himself with custard for one of the film’s sequences. Specifically, when her character is locked in a hut full of cheeses and, because of the shots, she ends up stained with them.

This is how the actress remembers it:

The cheese scene was pretty tricky. It was custard, Ambrosia custard. We did it and Matthew saw it and said, ‘Wow. There is not enough cheese. Let’s do it again. So we had to make it again with more custard

“I remember going through there and you were like: ‘Don’t even think about saying anything,” adds Dickinson to the words of his co-star.

The objective of all of them is to prevent the start of World War I and, once it has started, to stop it. However, on the opposite side there is a group of historical villains whose goal is to keep it going. Rasputin is among them. Also the spy Sun (Valerie Pachner), el embaucador Erik Jan Hanussen (Daniel Brühl) and the man who started World War I by killing the Archduke Francisco Fernando: Gavrilo Princip (Joel Basman).


The decision to carry out a prequel instead of a sequel continuation Kingsman: The Golden Circle it was because Vaughn thought it was time “of trying to make a historical, epic, adventure film”. Once decided which direction to take in the franchise, it was time to choose the protagonist. For The King’s Man: The First Mission, Vaughn wanted Fiennes in the role of the perfect English gentleman.

On the other hand, Vaughn knew that he had to make a different film than his predecessors. As the director tells:

The first two were an adult Kingsman, but when you give birth, you give birth to babies, and the babies have to grow into men.

The truth is The King’s Man: The First Mission it has not had an easy way to get to the movie theaters. The film was scheduled to land on billboards in 2020, but the coronavirus crisis prevented it. Filming was in 2019, so the actors’ memories of the film’s production are a bit fuzzy. Nonetheless, Ifans acknowledges that all the ones he has left are good.

Gemma Arterton as Polly.

“It was the last movie I made before confinement, I think. The last big production, or the last memories I have.”, it states. “It was a time when we were in Turin, eating in the Piazza, and on set everything was normal. No tests, no masks, no social distance … […] We took for granted many of the normal little things that we can no longer do now. So, I have good memories, but also with a tinge of sadness“.

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Hollander, for his part, what he remembers most is the initial characterization process. “My first memories are of preparing the characterization of the three characters with Jenny Shircore and Lesley Smith, who are the makeup edges that made the movie […] So I have memories of going to studies in South London and having my face cast so they could make the nose for the Kaiser. And to see the magnificent skills of all these artists who work in and around the film industry. ”

On these lines, do not miss our video interview with the actors of The King’s Man: The First Mission. Check out the trailer below.

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