A Destiny 2 player lost his character in an inexplicable way, but Bungie’s reaction was exemplary: ‘the entire’ development team went to work for him – Destiny 2

Although each one can take it in their own way, the playable loop of destiny 2 It is mainly based on increasing the level of our characters. You have to dedicate hours to get better weapons, armor or other pieces of equipment that increase our performance in the games. It can be fun, but it also takes effort. That is why one player raised his hands to his head when he saw that while trying to connect to the game servers, something went wrong. The consequence was the worst of all: its main class had been permanently deleted and there seemed to be no way to get it back. However, the story has a happy ending thanks to the efforts of the developers of Bungie.

The Destiny 2 player who lost his character due to an inexplicable glitch

I didn’t do anything out of the ordinary. Just start the game and choose my titan. Then a black screen appeared with a text that said connecting to servers at the bottom. Once connected, I went back to the home screen and my titan was gone”, counted the player. It’s a frustrating story that players of other games might not understand, so she decided to share it on the community reddit. I didn’t expect much could be donesince the precedents with missing characters did not promise anything. I doubt there is a solution, but if there is I would like to hear itHe said.

It took some time for Bungie to catch up on the situation, but they did get in direct contact with the player who had the issue. Just two days later they arrived with an official response. Although it was an isolated glitch affecting a single player, “multiple teams” worked for “numerous hours” to try to find a solution. They finally did it, putting in an effort that not every company would make to make life easier for a single member of their community.

The Bungie community manager responded in the following terms

“With this being a unique situation, we have been able to find a unique solution to restore the character. While we understand that players would want to be able to recover their deleted units whenever they want, it has been an extremely complicated process that required a wide variety of equipment and numerous hours to be implemented in a single account. Despite this, we have noted the feedback to add this tool”

Destiny Characters

A single Destiny 2 character can have hundreds of hours behind it

Those responsible for Destiny 2 itself were also somewhat terrified of the situation, trying to see if it was a massive problem. The same was true for many members of the community, who openly admitted avoiding logging into the game upon learning of this player’s story. Fortunately, the developers they were able to conclude that “there is no concern of something like this happening again”. The good thing is that even if it does happen, now at least they will have some idea of ​​how to fix it.

Bungie prepares for a sweet time. The company has new projects not yet announced that will be carried out with the help of Sony. Additionally, they have also been made with one of the most reputable and experienced game directors in multiplayer titles.