“A genius”, “A crazy talent”, “Marketing instrumentalizing”: the performance of Stromae on TF1 news ignites Internet users

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Guest of the 20 hours newspaper of TF1 Sunday evening, the singer Stromae presented “Hell”, an extract from his new album. A service that ignited Internet users

Stromae was the guest of Anne-Claire Coudray’s newspaper, Sunday evening on TF1. The singer created the event by unveiling “Hell”, a new title from his future album which evokes “suicidal thoughts”, while the artist has recovered from a burnout in recent years.

The performance of the Belgian singer was highly commented on on social networks. “A genius”, “A crazy talent”, “A moment never seen on television” … Many Internet users were blown away.

This guy is a genius !
He comes, appropriates the JT set in an exceptional way, and creates a moment never seen on television …
One word: RESPECT #Stromae https://t.co/NvKPTrMDdp

— Albin TEIXEIRA (@TeixeiraAlbin) January 9, 2022

Several personalities, such as Omar Sy or Lacrim, also praised the singer’s performance.

I saw the video of @Stromae “Hell” I’m in shock it’s music ud83c udfb5 it’s a conductor .. emotion sincerity there is everything

– Lacrim ud83d udc05 (@Lacrim_Officiel) January 10, 2022

However, some Internet users have less appreciated the singer’s interpretation, denouncing a marketing coup.

Faced with this “marketing operation openly instrumentalizing the show”, “we are surprised that the main response, professional media and social networks mixed, is the praise of a historic” television moment “”. No better, thank you @olivier_lamm ! https://t.co/2WFqPMNUR9

– François Carrel (@FrancoisCarrel) January 10, 2022

STOP cher @NunesChr yes stromae is an artist! a genius ?? Should you stop or your level is LOW and your landmarks are reality TV? a beautiful moment of TV it stops it’s advertising for his new album and this sequence was the idea of ​​his marketing department STOP https://t.co/ulOIPpTP5Q

– Eternal Mayotte u2764 ufe0f (@ titi97600) January 10, 2022