A group of Russian hackers threatens the creators of STALKER 2 with leaking 30 GB of content, unless these demands are met – STALKER 2: Heart of Chernobyl

Among all the bad things that could happen to STALKER 2: Heart of Chornobyl, this was one that few people would have thought about. GSC Game World has been affected by the war in Ukraine and Russia, but still its development is moving forward. Now the war situation has hit video games again and the integrity of content is at risk since it could be filtered in a matter of days.

The Insider Gaming medium has echoed information that compromises STALKER 2. It turns out that a group of hackers and Russian criminals, who go by the name “Vestnik TSS”, have shown a series of images belonging to the development of the game. The title has been in production for many years and has earned the popularity of many people, including Russian fans who would now be unhappy with the latest decisions of GSC Game World.


Hackers say they have 30 GB of data from STALKER 2 and that they will leak it on March 15 if they do not meet your requirements. These threats and blackmail are due to the fact that GSC Game World would not have had a correct attitude towards the players from Russia and Belarus. The change that the Ukrainian team would have to make would be reintroduce the Russian localization in the game. All this is complemented and better understood by the non-inclusion of Russian dubbing in the game. Likewise, the video game will not be marketed in Russia either. This is what the letter from the hackers says:

Until March 15, we are waiting for changes in the company’s policy towards the adequacy and acceptance of its own fans, regardless of where they come from, as well as the return of the Russian localization. If not release, at least in plugin form. Don’t let STALKER die because of your politicization: the blocking is already very serious, which means it’s time to build community relations.


In short, it may be that in the next few days it will be shared unpublished video game content. The hackers claim to have “a complete history, description of cinematics, assorted concept art, maps and much more“. In case all this is shared, we will not show said content so as not to harm the development studio nor will we share any link so as not to make any spoilers, however small they may be.

STALKER 2, a work weighed down by war

One of the negative aspects of the video game industry is that it is no stranger to war and political conflicts. Although the development of the title is ongoing, this work has been delayed a couple of times, but at least they have made it clear that it will arrive this very year in 2023. It is true that some players have received refunds, but its creators have calmed down, pointing out that the policies from Microsoft force return the money of pre-orders with no specific release date.

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