A job offer from Riot Games reveals a new video game: It is a mysterious project that could rival Destiny – Valorant

A job offer has revealed a new game in development by Riot Games. The company responsible for League of Legends or Valorant is looking for an employee “with deep knowledge of modern MMOFPS progression systems, competitive shooters or ARPGs with seasons” for its “research and development” department to work “in the first stages” of “an unpublished video game“. Very revealing information from the company that does not seem to be entirely related to any of its known projects.

Riot Games’ most secret project

The specific role of the developer joining the team will be design an economy system for the game and determine the level of progression of the player “in one session, one month, one season or over multiple seasons”. Although these details could be related to the development of the League of Legends MMOsThis last title has been in the works for at least three years now and the company openly talks about it. Also, job postings related to this very important title are grouped directly under the “MMO” category, while this one is under “Research and Development.”

It is difficult to determine exactly what type of title Riot Games could be referring to.. The creators of League of Legends make reference on several occasions to shooting games with an MMO structure, such as Destiny or The Division, but also to competitive shooters in the style of Valorant and Counter-Strike or ARPGs based on seasons, among which we could include Diablo, Path of Exile and even Genshin Impact. Is concrete enough that we know they are working on something very important, but not so much that we can know exactly what. In any case, it seems that the shooting mechanics are what the company values ​​the most (and that sounds a lot like Destiny).

What is a very important detail is that It is a video game developed by the company. Riot Games announced the launch of three new titles during the year 2023, but these belong to his Riot Forge initiative, which consists of cooperating with other studios by commissioning them to develop single-player video games related to the history of League of Legends. In this case, however, everything indicates that we are before a game with an important social section and that will take place from start to finish in the company’s offices.

The next projects of Riot Games

The truth is that the next few years will be very important for the future of Riot Games. Following the release of Wild Rift, Legends of Runeterra, and Valorant; the company prepares many high-profile titles. The arrival of Wild Rift itself on consoles is still pending release, soon we should know more about Project L and the creators of League of Legends until They bought a studio that promises to stand up to Minecraft. All this without even affecting this new project or thinking about the MMO.