‘A paradise on the road’ invites you to lose yourself in Asturias with Javier Gutiérrez as host

Since October 14, the miniseries, which consists of six chapters of about eight minutes, underlines the well-being that the Camino de Santiago generates through the Principality.

When stress has reached its peak in Javier Gutiérrez’s life, getting in his car, escaping and going back to the roots seems the best way out. And in your case, it is. This is the premise of the first miniseries that you will not be able to see on the usual platforms but on the El País YouTube channel and which opens today October 14: A paradise on the road.

Played by the successful actor – who premieres the film The daughter on November 26 in cinemas-, originally from Lluanco / Luanco (Asturias), A paradise on the road It shows how it finds in its place of origin the way to reconnect with well-being, nature and with itself. And for this he chooses, in this Jacobean year, to travel the Camino de Santiago as it passes through Asturias.

As a good Asturian, to put aside the anxiety that overwhelms you, Gutiérrez embarks on a tour of the Camino Costa and the Primitivo of the Asturian Principality, promising himself sometime to perform the Savior’s. And this is how in front of your eyes -and also of the spectators- you will walk from the scenic jewel that is Llanes, with its hostels, to the fantastic views of the beach of Santa Marina, in Ribadesella, or the beautiful Metropolitan Cathedral of San Salvador de Oviedo / Uviéu.

But the best of all is that if you see A paradise on the way, From today October 14, you will also be a participant in the confessions of his travel diary, from the interpreter’s confidences, presented as a kind of letters from Jonathan Harker, the famous character from Bram Stoker’s Dracula. And it will be through that intimate diary, and also thanks to the voice-over, that we will ‘skip stages’ to attend the evolution of his adventure. The next stop, October 29.

Thus, viewers will accompany the actor, winner of two Goya awards for his performances in the films of The minimal island (2014) and The author(2017), in what is a journey to the essential. A journey in which the also protagonist of Champions (2018) ends up rediscovering himself, walking and allowing himself to be surprised by the green surroundings, the cultural and gastronomic heritage and the people he will meet on his pilgrimage and who will return his smile. In short, a journey that will mark you forever.

The miniseries addresses well-being from several points of view, which coincide with the definition that the World Health Organization (WHO) included in its postulates, and they are all found on this journey. From rest, reflected in the many mansions and pilgrim hostels offered by the Asturian network; nature, with the lush forests of the Camino de Santiago route; physical exercise, since the actor will have to carry out stages of between 15 and 30 kilometers walking daily; the learning that involves discovering the historical and cultural heritage that the Camino offers, and a healthy diet, based on the Cantabrian and Asturian diet with local products.

Anonymous and not so anonymous countrymen

But, in addition, the actor will meet on his journey with several countrymen who will help him complete his experience, such as the Penín family, the Asturian stews -who cook dishes of millenary tradition and secret recipes-, the travel reporter Paco Nadal or the pilgrim Manolo Hernández, who at 65 has proposed to complete his 100th Camino de Santiago, since the pilgrimages have served her as physical and emotional therapy. And that, according to a report in the XL Semanal, thanks to the Camino he forgets the day he lives.

Javier Gutiérrez’s experience in A paradise on the road it is narrated in the first person, as a travel diary. And this means that he will share with the viewer his findings and discoveries, such as why a branch of the Camino deviated to Oviedo / Uviéu only to venerate an ark to which great powers were attributed, since, according to legend, in that ark mythical that has traveled from the Holy Land to Oviedo / Uviéu, passing through Toledo, were the remains of Jesus, Mary and part of the Apostles.

“I disconnect from the world and only pay attention to enjoying the environment,” he acknowledged. “It’s like going to the psychologist. Now it is very modern that everyone talks about mindfulness, but that concept was already practiced by pilgrims centuries ago ”.

After rediscovering the nature, history and traditions of his land -which in many cases he did not know-, the actor will end his pilgrimage at the Mirador de la Ballena. But the details of that process to achieve the longed-for disconnection and rest, the essence of his trip, after all, you will have to discover them in each of the installments of the miniseries. The first of them, remember, opens today October 14 at El País. Who is encouraged to accompany you?

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