A player breaks the logic of League of Legends with 192 victories in a row and his reaction is to try to surpass himself – League of Legends

Losing is part of any competitive video game, and League of Legends is no exception. Loss occurs in almost all our gaming sessions and should be understood as something natural. However, there are extraordinarily talented players who are reluctant to see the red label created by Riot Games to accompany a bad result. At least that has been the case of a community member who achieved something practically impossible: win almost 200 games in a row in ARAM game mode. To make matters worse, he did it using his main account.

192 consecutive wins in League of Legends

This achievement has been achieved by a player by the name of “The Chode”, who plays his games on the EUW server and finished last season in the master rank. To achieve this, he has consistently played with a small group of teammates who also have a high level. Only when he was in a pre-constructed group of five players did he decide to accept games, but in his 192 consecutive wins There aren’t many secrets beyond playing as a group and taking every matchup in the Howling Abyss very seriously.

in the community of League of Legends they have been accused of getting out of too many pick phases and bans when they didn’t have luck with the champions they received, although it doesn’t seem too likely. There are days when they have played more than 10 ARAM games, which is not compatible with this strategy. Surely they will have given up a few times as we all have done, but not as systematically as there seems to be reason to taint this achievement.

As for the reason why we point to The Chode as the player who has achieved the feat and not the rest of his teammates, the truth is that this team had a few “substitute” players who filled gaps when someone failed. In some of these games the rest of the team members suffered defeats. Of course they get great results, but the mentioned player is the only one who could maintain such an outstanding streak.

Record Aram Records

Some outstanding figures of The Chode’s record

ARAM has its own MMR system

Although it is easy to think that since it is an unranked mode they have always had to face opponents with a low level of play, the truth is that ARAM is not different from the rest of the game modes in League of Legends. The games in the abyss of their regrets have their own MMR so players can play against others of a similar skill level to theirs. It’s true that it doesn’t work as smoothly as ranked matches, but along the way these players have had to face the best in the world in ranked matches.

Perhaps the beginning of the path was easy, but reviewing his history we have been able to see matchups against players in the higher ranks of the overall League of Legends ranking. This is a highly commendable feat that perhaps other players are now trying to surpass. For now, the player who has achieved this record has not stopped playing ARAM games, and is already chaining a streak of eight consecutive victories to try to pulverize his own record.