A second television show for the Bidache de Castéra-Verduzan farm

Friday, December 24, approximately 9 million televiewers according to “France TV” watched the newspaper of “France 2”, at 1 pm. They were able to see Castéra-Verduzan on the presentation card for a report about the Bidache farm, with Audrey and Benoit Bourrust, Gascon black pig farmers. Subject of this 3-minute report: Gascon black pork stew, in the pure tradition of Gascon culture. To view this report, all you have to do is go to social networks or to the “France 2” site.

A second TV appearance in 2021

In 2021, “TF1” had already come to the Bidache farm for a report. These two television appearances reward the couple’s daily work. Audrey Bourrust knows very well that this is not an end in itself, but this communication contribution is always more important: “The first feedback following this report is very positive. People are looking for consumption in the circuit It is also a great advertisement for Castéra and which, we hope, will have economic benefits for the municipality. In Castéra, there is a dynamic and all the players are decisive assets for the future. this corresponds to our Gascon state of mind, with this stew also associating wine, armagnac for example, for a recipe for sharing and conviviality “.

Cutting workshop on site

Still in a search for a short circuit, the couple will have their cutting workshop on site in mid-January, which will allow more responsiveness and will act on the carbon footprint by centralizing production as a whole. For his part, Mayor Claude Nef said: “We are delighted with the image of Castéra reported in this report thanks to the work of Audrey and Benoit. Their work is recognized, which is very positive”.