A single from ‘First Dates’ confesses to being “in love” with Carlos Sobera

The presenter thanked Isabel for the expressions of affection, but refused to have dinner with her.


Matías is not the only one on the team First Dates who wins over single women who come to the well-known restaurant. Isabel took advantage of her visit to the Cuatro program to confess his admiration for Carlos Sobera through compliments and a lot of sympathy. Some statements that the presenter appreciated, but that were not enough for him to dare to have dinner with her.

“I’m in love with you” the single woman admitted to Sobera after throwing herself into his arms. The presenter thanked her for her love and commented “you are more beautiful than the pesetas“. At Isabel’s request to Matías to take a picture of them together, the waiter has proposed to Sobera a dinner with the bachelorette. An appointment that the presenter declined in the most elegant way possible. And it is that he introduced him to the one who would be his company that night.

I have a perfect man for her

Pepe was the bachelor chosen by ‘First Dates’ to have dinner with Isabel. An appointment that from the beginning already It predicted a great night for both of them.. As soon as they sat down, the diners discovered that they had many things in common. In addition, they commented on their latest trips and experiences in love. All this caused Pepe to feel a great connection with Isabel and he was certain that they would have fun together.

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Before making the final decision, Pepe and Isabel enjoyed the private room. A few moments in which the complicity grew and even ended with a kiss. The connection and chemistry between the singles crossed the screen so it was clear what the decision would be. And neither of them disappointed. Pepe said delighted to have a second date while she recognized that she wanted this meeting to take place in Blanes and her partner invited her to a seafood platter.

Isabel left with a second date with Pepe and with a dream come true: meeting the person she admires, Carlos Sobera.

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