A single from ‘First Dates’ orders dessert ahead of time when she discovers what her date is looking for: “To take wind”

María and Ricardo had an incredible date until they realized that they were looking for totally different things.


Not all dating in First Dates they end well. Sometimes because singles don’t have enough connection between them, other times because they realize that they are not looking for the same thing. The latter is what happened between María, 80 years old, and Ricardo, 82 years old. A difference due to which the single woman asked for dessert beforehand and did not give rise to a second chance.

Richard appeared at the door of the well-known restaurant on the arm of his daughter Magda. She attended the program presented by Carlos Sobera a long time ago and had such a good time that she wanted her father to live her experience. For her part, Mary She also appeared accompanied by her daughter and wanting to find a man who would give her the love that they have never given her.

Before the watchful eye of their daughters from the terrace, the two octogenarians began their date with a good impression. Of course, the distance that separated them did not finish convincing either of them. Even so, they continued with dinner as normal, talking about their day to day and their tastes. They even agreed that they both have a pet! She is a cat and he is a dog, which she has called Dog because she was too lazy to give him a name.

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A difference that made the appointment

Everything was going great until they started talking about love and what they were looking for in a partner. She is looking for someone with whom to share her remaining years and take care of each other for her. On the contrary, the bachelor is clear that she is not there to take care of anyone and that better each one in her house. And it is that Ricardo has been in a relationship for 40 years but each one separately, that is, “a friend with benefits”. So it’s no wonder he doesn’t want to commit.

However, the few remaining possibilities vanished when Ricardo confessed that he had a neighbor who looked after him and took care of him “divinely”. “I don’t like that. What does that woman have to be with him? who you have to be with is me and both of us do what we want”, she complained indignantly in the totals.

Did you know? Let’s take wind, I don’t think twice!

Ricardo’s confession caused María to ask for dessert ahead of time and end the appointment. Faced with such a decision, the daughters of both diners ran into the restaurant to save dinner. Magda and Ángela tried everything possible for their parents to give themselves a new opportunity and go out dancing one day to prove that distance does not matter.

Not even the insistence of the daughters caused them to give themselves another chance. Ricardo was clear that no one takes him out of his town and María did not like his attitude at all. Both were clear: they didn’t want to see each other again And there is not more to talk.

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