a space epic that lasts three hours and has conquered audiences and critics

Little by little, movie theaters are beginning to recover the normality they enjoyed weeks before the pandemic, allowing it to become more and more frequent to find news about Films that exceed billionaire figures at the box office. A good example of this is in Avatar: The Sense of Waterbut also in a recent release in China sequel to a mega hit.

And we’re not saying that for shooting a triple, but The Wandering Earth 2 it is doing numbers of authentic scandal in its first days. More specifically, made $70 million on its opening day, although it coincided with the celebration of the Lunar New Year. And if that was not enough, the movie is getting some quite promising audience scores, which assures it a bright future at the box office in which it can perhaps beat the mark of its predecessor.

Specifically, The Wandering Earth (The Wandering Earth), was on the verge of surpassing the milestone of 700 million dollars of collection. It may seem like “small” numbers, but they were only achieved with a commercial launch in China, since the rest of the world came exclusively through streaming platforms. In Spain, for example, it can currently be seen on Netflix.

Returning to its continuation, those responsible present a story where humans built huge engines on the surface of the Earth to find a new home -something we saw on the original tape-. “But the road to the universe is dangerous. To save the Earth, the young will once again have to step up to start a life-or-death race against time.”

The Wandering Earth 2

In the trailer that accompanies the news, readers can see a feature film not unlike a Roland Emmerich premiere, accompanying scenes of desperate fight and catastrophe with more relaxed sci-fi moments.

For now It is unknown when there will be an opportunity in Spain to see this film Directed by Frant Gwo. As we have commented, the first installment of the saga made large sums of money in China, but its reception in user ratings was not entirely positive. This is not the case its sequel, which currently has an average rating of 8.1 on IMDB.

Avatar 2 continues to make history, also in Spain

Obviously, the releases of the Asian giant have not yet made a name for themselves in international markets, so it will be difficult for us to see it sneak into the club of films with more than a billion dollars at the box office. Avatar: The Water Sense doubled that barrier a few days ago, and will soon become part of the top-5 most successful films in history. In Spain she also makes headlines on her own and It is already the third film that has made the most money.