A supercomputer that destroys the cloud is Telefónica’s big bet and they trust a well-known hacker to achieve it

telephone has appointed Chema Alonsoa name that will sound familiar to many for having shared on different occasions curiosities related to the world of hackersis the new bet of the Spanish telephone firm to direct his most ambitious project of the last years. As pointed out The confidential, Jose Maria Alvarez Pallete (current president of the company) has trusted Alonso to work in NAASa supercomputer with which they hope make cloud obsolete. And, as the same medium tells, Telefónica already has several methods in mind to carry out this maneuver.

The world needs hackers, and Telefónica proves it by naming Chema Alonso its new CDO

following his abrupt drop in the stock market of a 30% Since April 2022, Telefónica decided to bet on different operations to reverse the situation. As part of this movement came onto the scene Network as a Servicethe project known as NAAS what will he look for change company profile. Pallete, its director, indicated that Telefónica is “the largest supercomputer in Spain”, a position that they hope to take advantage of in order to create a supercomputer capable of connect customers with businesses directly. And, for this mission, Pallete has relied on the experience of Alonso, a figure with whom he wants to work side by side to chart the future of the corporation.

Telefónica trusts in the possibilities of the metaverse

The same news item also alludes to Telefónica’s intention to develop WEB 3a new dimension that they consider “more disruptive” that WEB 1 (focused on access content) and WEB 2 (focused on digital platforms as a result of the popularization of mobile phones). With this, therefore, they hope to create a new ecosystem based on the metaversea technology that they consider key for customers to be able to link directly to platforms like Amazon, Netflix either Twitter.

Thus, Telefónica joins the belief of companies like Nokia that see technology with incredible potential in the metaverse. For this reason, Pallete trusts Alonso to carry out the NAAS initiative, a tool that he sees as crucial for cover what the cloud can’t. In reference to this, he pointed out that the cloud service “it will not be enough for what is coming”. Thus, he assured that traffic has multiplied by 27 in the last decade, a number that in the next 10 years will multiply by 24. For this reason, Telefónica believes that its network (greater than that of England, Germany and Italy together) will help them carry out their initiative. To know more details, we will have to wait for the next Mobile World Congress of Barcelona that will be held on February 27.

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Main image by Jose Maria Alonso (YouTube)