A Superman movie with Nicolas Cage and Tim Burton would have been something really special, why didn’t it happen?

In 2025 we will have the opportunity to see a new Superman reboot on the big screen after the one starring Henry Cavill in 2013. But before the British actor took up the mantle of the last son of Krypton, even some time ago to the premiere of Superman: Returns with Brandon Routh, at Warner Bros. came to consider a movie of the character with Nicolás Cage and Tim Burton. What went wrong?

In an interview with Variety, the Oscar-winning actor wanted to talk about superhero movies and how he was about to star in a Superman movie: “They wanted Renny Harlin [Deep Blue Sea] make the movie I sat with him. He was filming something else, he visited me and we chatted. I liked him… but I thought if he was going to do this, he would have to hit the nail on the head, so I looked up Tim Burton. Tim didn’t choose me, I chose Tim, and Tim said yes. I loved what he did with Michael [Keaton] and Batman, and I was a big fan of his,” he recalled.

But, Why couldn’t the project be carried out? Nicolas Cage points to the failure of another film unrelated to superhero movies.

“At Warner Bros. they were scared after[Tim Burton’s]Mars Attacks came out. I love that movie. It was fantastic and very innovative, but the studio had lost a lot of money on it. These movies that are really weird, that challenge and lead the way, bother a lot of people.

The result of all this is already history, and the public was left without seeing a Superman from the 80s with long black samurai hair, as Nicolas Cage described him in his interview with the aforementioned medium. “I thought It was going to be a very different Superman, kind of emo, but we never quite got it.“.

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What does Nicolas Cage think of Marvel Studios movies?

In addition to looking back and remembering his failed project to be Superman, Cage also spoke in his talk about current superhero movies, specifically the MCU that has been criticized many times among filmmakers. Does he share that opinion?

“I have to be nice to Marvel cinema, because I named myself after a Stan Lee character named Luke Cage. What am I going to do? Criticize his movies? Stan Lee is my surreal father. He named me. I understand which one is the problem, but I think there is plenty of room for everyone. I’m watching movies like Tár. I’m watching all kinds of art and indie films“.

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Of course, if Marvel wants Nicolas Cage in his universe, he will have to work it out: “I don’t need to be in Marvel, I’m Nic Cage”. Let’s remember that he already played a character from his multiverse, Ghost Rider. Ghost Rider.