A very beautiful lyrical recital given in Estang

Saturday December 18, the Agora association presented its last event of the year, and what an event! Fran├žois Lis, singing bass, who has performed on opera stages around the world, gave Estang the premiere of a lyrical recital. Ample range, perfect accuracy, it combines power with finesse at the service of expression with great sensitivity and elegance.

The first part of the concert gave pride of place to the classical repertoire, from French melody to “The Cold Song”.

The second part, devoted to standards and musical songs, was of the same demanding quality.

And the public, you will say?

Very numerous, church three quarters full. Very attentive spectators, moved, won over, realizing the exceptional nature of the performer. Without a doubt, it was also an enriching experience for the children of the music school. The same wish of the performer and the public: to renew the meeting because nothing replaces the live performance.