A voice, a piano: Charlotte Couleau’s beautiful “Voyage”

the essential
Born in Lavaur, a former student of the Toulouse Conservatory, pianist and singer Charlotte Couleau released her first album, “Voyage”, produced by Daran.

Away from fashions, Charlotte Couleau, favors the piano-voice in the first and remarkable album that she has just published, “Voyage”. And the public seems receptive: “The concerts offer a bare, minimalist discourse. I think people need it, it’s a bit timeless the piano-voice, it’s been around for decades, even centuries, and there it’s brought up to date in a way with my way of singing which is neither lyrical nor completely variety. Soprano, singer, pianist, author-composer-performer, Charlotte Couleau will soon have spent half her life making a living from music and does not shy away from her pleasure in playing, singing, exchanging, forged since childhood in Lavaur then at the Conservatoire de Toulouse in piano and singing classes. A degree in musicology followed at Mirail then the course continues at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels and the Higher Institute of Musical Studies of Siena in Italy.

From classical to chanson

“Since the age of 18 I chose to make music my profession and when I returned to France I continued to perform classical music concerts with the duo Orfeo and I also discovered the universe song and current music so now I perform in all these registers. In particular in song since I developed my own project which led me to work with Simon Fayolle within the Simcha duo and with the Pinel trio. “It is also with the latter (Jérôme Pinel, founder of the group Strange Enquête), that Charlotte, in residence at the music and singing school of Francis Cabrel in Astaffort, will meet the singer Daran. “We had worked together on an album by Jérôme and we got along very well so I asked him to supervise my album on all the technical and sound aspects. The amazing result is well worth listening to…

“Voyage” album available on www.charlottecouleau.art