A web series to make children aware of the importance of preserving forests

(ETX Daily Up) – Do you want to educate your children about the forest? If you don’t have time to take them for a walk on Wednesdays, you can introduce them to “Lutinou”, a burlesque web-series inspired by silent cinema for ages 3-10. Until December 31, a new episode is broadcast every Wednesday on Youtube.

“Today, more than three quarters of French people live in cities. Our children no longer grow up in contact with nature, but near concrete and the screens of their smartphones and computers”. It is from this observation that started Louis-François de Foucher, actor, author and creator of the web-series “Lutinou”, which is aimed at 3-10 year olds.

First performed on stage for ten years with the company Les Arlequins, these humorous sketches immerse us in the world of several forest elves with crazy personalities: the trickster (main character), the cheerful luron, the mischievous, the chef or even the coquette. These creatures are invested with a mission that could not be more serious: to explore the forest and preserve the biodiversity that inhabits it, while avoiding the ogre Grelot, sworn enemy of the elves.

Each episode challenges children and their parents: go hunting for pine cones, find a pond, identify aquatic species, etc. A good gateway to give children a taste of nature, with ideas for activities to be carried out in the forest for parents: “Where does the pine cone come from?”, What do we call them? litter? ”,“ Why is it always cold in the forest? ”, etc.

These episodes of about four minutes and entirely silent are punctuated by the music of the composer Jérôme Rossi and were shot in different forests of France (Fontainebleau, Alsace, Chamonix). Until December 31, an episode is added every Wednesday on the web-series Youtube channel.