A whole life with Moreau and Bécaud

Two triple CDs revisit the careers of Jeanne Moreau and Gilbert Bécaud, the first, a chic dilettante of an art practiced in addition to cinema, the second devourer of life and success, extraordinary showman. In “The 50 most beautiful songs” by Jeanne Moreau (Canetti/Polydor/Universal) are of course the classics “Le tourbillon” (ritornello of “Jules et Jim”), “I have memory that flanche”, “Ah! Les p’tites femmes de Paris” (in duet with Brigitte Bardot) or the throbbing “India Song” (from the film of the same name). But the actress’s deep and slightly drawling voice also lends itself perfectly to jazzy chords (“The indolent blues”, “I am to take or leave”, “Embrasse-moi” …), airs of accordion (“The man of love”), Brazilian rhythms (“What a story”, “I climb on the boards”) or a simple guitar accompaniment (“Never did I tell you that I will always love you “,” I had a friend “).

“I’m coming back to get you”, announces Gilbert Bécaud, young and proud near his piano. And we gladly accompany him in a “Best-of studio” of 24 titles (including the masterpieces “Nathalie”, “The important thing is the rose”, “La solitude ça pas n’est pas”, “It’s in September”, etc.); a “Musicorama” recorded in Lyon, in public in 1975, for Europe 1 (“M. 100 000 volts”, explosive as ever) and “Reprises et rarities” (including a formidable medley from 1963 where he also sings Prévert, Trenet and Cole Porter). Lack in this invigorating set a booklet which would be very useful to recall what an extraordinary man Bécaud was. (Parlophone/Warner).