A youtuber sets out to build a Gaming PC following the advice of an AI and it is not able to meet the only requirement: cost less than 1,500 euros – PC

The popularity of artificial intelligences, a booming technology in recent years, has led to a youtuber specialized in technology to carry out an experiment that few have dared to do so far: build a PC Gaming following the advice of an AI. Linus TechTips, the content creator in question, used the famous ChatGPT to carry out his feat. And, as can be seen in the video below these lines, the result is amazing despite having the occasional stumble during certain parts of the process.

To perform his experiment, Linus TechTips indicated to the AI ​​that he was interested in build a gaming pc that it cost, including all parts and peripherals, a maximum of 1,500 euros. Therefore, artificial intelligence recommended that you start with a processor Ryzen 9 5800X of AMD and a graphics card RTX 3070Ti of NVIDIAtwo options that surprised the youtuber for what correct What are they. However, this exposed one of the biggest “problems” of ChatGPT today: its database. It’s not updated and, therefore, it provides data and figures from before 2022.

A functional Gaming PC built by an AI

In addition to the peripherals and other parts to assemble the PC, the AI ​​goes further and also recommends what steps to follow during the assembly process. Unfortunately, this is the aspect that the youtuber liked the least since, despite being successful in certain situations, in another it offers vague advice That can be frustrating for beginners. For example, it claims that the CPU cooler is “easy to install” when, in reality, it is a complex process that everyone who has built a PC knows and remembers. In turn, he also recommended a casing (mini-ITX) incompatible with the motherboard due to size issues.

Despite this, Linus TechTips points out that AI offers interesting tips at the same time that “coherent, well-formed and encouraging”. Therefore, it shows Surprised both with the performance of ChatGPT and with that of PC Gaming that he set up following the advice of artificial intelligence. Thus, he highlights that the AI ​​​​warned him to be attentive to “the pins of the CPU and the sensitive parts of the motherboard.” In addition, he also emphasized use the correct screwsadvice that the youtuber considers “important and sensible”. Undoubtedly, the usefulness and progress of this type of technology never ceases to amaze.

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Lead image by Linus TechTips (YouTube)